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Config%20Tool%203.gifDelete waypoints, save & load missions, drag & drop.... it's really getting there!Feel free to download and try it out. I have not yet tested with the ArduPilot itself so read/write may not work.Config Tool DownloadIf your map on the right is blank or you see a series of odd buttons where the map should be, you'll need to look into issues with your Internet Explorer and Google Maps. See here for instructions: Google Maps TroubleshootingPlease also check out this blog post GPS Emulator for info on how to use the GPS Emulator that is now included with the ConfigTool.zipParis.gif
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  • A new ConfigTool is up there.

    The issue with the blank grid (was a "," vs "." issue for those in countries with a comma for a decimal point).
    There was a crash when waypoints were dragged over the mission length box
    Fixed the missing poly line when you added the first waypoint a distance away from home.
    I turned off the timer during read/write
    I re-confirmed the distance calculation (I think it's working right)
    Distance calculations only happen on drop now of markers, not drag
  • Developer
    I am using Sparkfun FTDI for uploading with no issues. Also using U-blox and it stays connected to shield during upload, but it is not communicating (no Lock) with ArduPilot after loading, I added filter caps to 3.3v but no luck, I have ordered Jordi's U-blox interface board. I will continue to TS until it arrives. I may need to get a used O'scope for this
  • Developer

    I will also translate the comments to English. So is better you (unless you speak Spanish). I hope understand all the new goodies you have added =)

  • Ok, I'll continue working on it. I've almost got the Emulator portion up and running. It's another app that's part of Remzibi's OSD but it uses the same Maps.html file (which I have cleaned up).
  • Developer
    Is going to take some days until i check the utility. My buffer is full right now. Sorry...
  • YES! GPS cannot be connected during read/write. It uses the same serial port for both GPS messages and read/write.
  • @Chris
    do we need to disconnect the gps manually if using the shield?
  • 3D Robotics
    Tips on reading and writing with the config utility

    1) Use the DIYDrones/Adafruit FTDI cable. The Sparkfun one does not work reliably (not sure why)
    2) Make sure your GPS isn't connected when you're using using the utility (avoid serial conflict)
    3) Obviously the board has to be powered on
    4) Sometimes when it says "something is wrong" after writing, it actually did write fine. Check by reading. If it won't read either, something really IS wrong.
    5) Jordi suggests "writing" blank data (no waypoints) before using. I haven't found that to make any difference, but whatever.
    6) It is possible for EEPROM to get corrupted. If you've got an AVR programmer and AVR Studio, you can try clearing it manually.
  • 3D Robotics
    The reading and writing works for me. Keep in mind that neither config utility will work with reliably with the Sparkfun FTDI cable. You MUST use the DIYDrones/Adafruit one.
  • Again, I've got nothing to test with right now. Maybe Jordi can fix what I've got messed up... otherwise, you guys will just have to wait until this weekend or early next week when I get my hardware....
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