ConfigTool v1.4.12

I dropped the "Beta 4" and changed it to just v1.4 revision 12 = 1.4.12.This version has a bug fix to try and address users with locales using "," (comma) as their decimal points. Please let me know how it works. It also includes Jordi's 48 waypoints fix.Download Here: ConfigTool.zipArduTool143.gif
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  • why? i not know 48 waypoint?

  • I understand where you're coming from. At one point, I had considered stripping the over terrain function completely out because I figured it created too much confusion and might create a false sense of security that your plane won't crash into that mountain when you selected two waypoints in the valley.

    Since right now there is a limit on the number of waypoints (I can't remember exactly how many, it might be 48), that doing an auto-waypoint based on an altitude change threshold might make hitting the max waypoints a problem. Then there's also the possibility of disabling the auto-waypoints which adds more complexity to the program...

    I guess what I'm saying is, to try and make things work for the greatest number of people, I think that setting waypoints at a fixed alt will appeal to the greatest number of ArduPilot users. Next, the ability to automatically set a waypoint at X feet above altitude will appeal to a mich smaller subset. More or less as a novelty. Then there's the people who want to do what you want. It's not a novelty, it needs precision. Clearly a smaller subset of people who want to accomplish a specific task. I'm not saying it's any less important. It's just the 80/20 rule.... It could be a big project for me to add this functionality for a very small subset of people. I hate to say it, but I've actually got too much on my plate right now. Please feel free to make any changes. If you get it working, send me the source and I'll post it in the repository!!!!
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    Hi happy,
    Have gone over or got answer for "That's exactly what I'm talking about. I have two points. Between those two points are multiple peaks and valleys. What criteria do I use to determine it needs an auto-waypoint? "

    My 2 cent worth. Why break heads and ardu pilot on things like valley by trying to main "over the terrain" , for all the auto waypoints , let this be by passed for Auto way points are based on any points above the first way point( WP1 being start and WP2 being end, AWPn( auto way-point) created auto/incrementally for every point more than say 25' higher than WP1 and consecutive AWPn+1 checked against the last one or find the tallest point en-route WP2 as only criteria is to maintain over "over the terrain" limit, We can add more complex checking but for now it can be considered out of current scope of config tool and ardupilot.
    The tool is auwsome from where we started few months back. Thanks for putting up so much time and effort on it. Cheers :)
  • Yep, that did it. I had IE 6 pre-installed on the laptop, installed IE8, and we're good to go.


  • thank you
  • Source can be found here:
  • You must run all the IE updates
  • I would like to get a copy of the source code. Where is the repository located? Thanks
  • Forgot, using XP with Firefox 3.5.5 works just fine

    Ground Station works fine.
  • Hi All,

    I got a new laptop, and cannot seem to get this app to run properly with Google Maps.

    I have installed .NET Framework 3.5 sp1

    Tried all kinds of browsers, etc...

    Been killing me all day! Thanks for any tips!
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