Ardupilot for the win! APM lead developer Andrew ("Tridge") Tridgell's CanberraUAV team with a 3D Robotics Pixhawk autopilot completed all the challenges and scored an impressive victory in this premier UAV competition. 

Congratulations to Canberra UAV and indeed all the teams that found and rescued Joe. Everybody that qualified deserves a round of applause its a mission just to get to the venue and get your airframe through the strict requirements.

A bottle drop distance of 2.6m that's insane.

I personally believe the Outback Challenge has advanced unmanned aviation at a faster rate than any other competition and we should all be thankful for its existence. 

If they get to keep Joe I hope there will be a series of road trip selfies. He has had quite a wait so I am sure ready to party it up a bit.


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  • Congratulations!!!! great job, 2.6 mts UoU!!!!

  • Truly an impressive accomplishment.  Well done!

  • Great job Canberra guys, almost got it last year knocked it out of the park this year.

    Be interesting to see what the next "Challenge" will be.

    Best regards to you all,


  • That picture of the parachute with Joe highlighted by the image recognition software is epic and absolutely historic.

  • Thanks everyone for your great feedback.  We are taking a well deserved rest tonight and also celebrating the win.  Tomorrow morning we head back to Canberra from Kingaroy.  As Tridge mentioned conditions were not ideal, but the preparation we did including, countless test flights, simulations and many long nights working on the aircraft and systems paid off.  Here is a ground shot of the bottle landed next to Joe, to put things in perspective, Our thanks to the event range officials for the photo.  For each of the teams which successfully completed bottle drops during the event the contents were checked to ensure the required 500mls of water survived the drop.


  • Despite the years of effort going into our own entry, which Im sure many other teams did who got to participate this year as well, I think nobody deservered to win it more than CUAV! I must also give full kudos to Robota for coming in second with essentially just a good wifi FPV setup and to SFWA as well for their exceptional 2 man effort and "scratch built" autopilot and recog that finally ended Joe's thirst. Well done! 

  • Congrats Tridge!  Amazing achievement!  I hope the world takes note of this accomplishment.  

  • Unreal Tridge, you guys killed it! Congratuations!!

  • This is awesome.

  • Admin

    Congratulations Tridge and the CanberraUAV Team!



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