Aljazeera has just broadcast a documentary : Conservation Drones Tackling deforestation and protecting orangutans with drones in Indonesia. in their Earthrise series. 

The documentary was produced by Banyak Film, an award winning documentary and film production company lead by two very talented young man. conservationdrones was invited by a local NGO to fly some mapping mission and deliver a new UAV system aka conservationdrones to them. We successfully accomplished the mission while Banyak Film took lot of great video footage during the mission. The drone has been flying lots of mission ever since and we was told it is still in flying condition right now. 

We hope you enjoy the documentary and feel free to share the original video. The above video is an edited version which focus on UAV and much shorter video clip so more bandwidth friendly. 

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  • 100KM

    Hi Muhammad, Basically the NGO there has been using our UAV system to do their work. But recently there is some interesting story

  • Hi guys, any updates on the progress, downloaded the original video, insha Allah will watch it later
  • Looking good, Keeyen!

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