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We have modified the firmware based on ArduCopter v3.2 firmware for it to allow us to control the speed of the vehicle in an automated mission in real time through the throttle channel on the RC remote.

How it happens:

1. Install the new firmware through Mission Planner. After installing, make sure you recalibrate the compass.

2. Create a mission in UgCS, upload it to the vehicle and start flying.

3. As soon as the vehicle is in “Auto” flight mode you will be able to control the speed of the vehicle with the throttle stick of your RC remote.

The speed can be changed between 0 m/s (when throttle is set to zero) and 10 m/s (when throttle is set to maximum) and anything in-between. For instance, when the throttle on the RC remote is set to 70% the vehicle will fly at approximately 7 m/s.

The behavior of the vehicle in other flight modes is not altered in any way and they work as normal

A few notes:

  • This has been tested to work on a Pixhawk flight controller on the Iris+ platform.
  • The change in speed is not instantaneous. By default the acceleration of the vehicle is limited to 100 cm/s2. It can be changed via Mission Planner by increasing the parameter “WPNAV_ACCEL” to a higher value, e.g. 500, which corresponds to 5m/s2.
  • The vehicle will still automatically slow down before sharp turns.


This feature of variable speed control can be used in fields such as aerial photography, sports videos, monitoring industrial and agricultural objects and other. If you are interested in this, feel free to contact us!

Safe flights,
UgCS Team

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  • Mixed up the actual name of the function. It's called WPS_Speed. You can find it in the dropdown list for ch6 options. I remember testing it about two years ago and it worked well, apart from the fact that I crashed because I thought it was a good idea to program a mission in 10 meter height with trees around...

    You can assign a min and max value for ch6 in the extended tuning tab in mission planner and then you can control the vehicle speed with a knob or your throttle stick if you configure your radio accordingly.

  • Zidlov,

    Can You please give some more explanation about the already implemented possibility to control Nav_Speed with a knob? I mean if this feature works in Auto Mode too?


    Sure, we will publish our customized firmware in short time.



    UgCS Team

  • Excellent work Arturs! I'll test soon

  • What's the difference between this feature and the already implemented possibility to control Nav_Speed with a knob on channel 6?
    If one wanted, one could a mix in the radio to output the throttle stick on channel 6 when auto-mode is engaged. Wouldn't that do exactly the same?
  • Hello Benjamin,

    We are not sure if it will appear on main branch at all.

    But we will sure publish our developments to public repository, so it will be available for public.



    UgCS Team

  • This looks like a great feature; do you think it will make it into the main branch any time soon?

This reply was deleted.