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I work as test engineer at SPH Engineering in Riga, Latvia.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Since I started working with UAVs I developed genuine interest to find out new ways to make them useful and improve them.



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Artūrs posted a blog post
As drone shows are becoming more accessible to event companies because of the maturing of the technology and the controlling software being even more easier to use, many event companies are considering adding drone shows to their portfolios. Many…
Aug 2
Artūrs posted a blog post
Within the bustling world of drones there are always open opportunities to be followed and a drone show service is certainly one of them. Even if you don’t have the funding or the technical knowledge of setting up your own fleet of drones, there are…
May 1
Artūrs replied to Adilson de Oliveira Carneiro Jr's discussion M600_Take-off moves after upload mission in UgCS
"Are you using the "Set TO point altitude" function?

Please also share the video with support@ugcs.com, otherwise, we are having a hard time understanding the problem."
Nov 6, 2019
Artūrs replied to Mike Sousa's discussion syncing drone clock to ugcs pc clock for geotagging in UgCS
"Hi Mike,

Best way to sync clocks is to simply make a photo of the exact clock in UgCS ( put the mouse pointer on the clock to open precise clock)
And with the millisecond clock wisible, make a photo with your Mavic 2 or Matrice 210 before…"
Mar 14, 2019
Artūrs replied to Keith Conley's discussion Not progressing to waypoints in UgCS
"Hi Keith,
We think that the problem could be caused by the Camera action - Tilt. Could you please try to remove this action and fly the route in simulator first and then, maybe try it in flight? Maybe you have a closer location where you could just…"
Jan 25, 2019
Artūrs replied to Keith Conley's discussion Not progressing to waypoints in UgCS
"Hi Keith,

I am sorry for your inconvienence. Are the attached routes the exact ones which have problems?
I assume you are using Phantom 3 Advanced?
While our engineers are investigating the Misson, could you repeat the the routes in simulator mode…"
Jan 21, 2019
Artūrs replied to Steve Cudmore's discussion UGCS Battery % showing 0% but Voltage Normal A3 in UgCS
"Hi Steve,

Thanks for reaching out on our forum.
Unfortunately, since in DJI SKD there is no option to get battery percentage in case non-DJI batteries are  used, we can not display a percentage.

This would be a very complicated feature, since…"
Jul 26, 2018
Artūrs replied to Corey's discussion Circle Waypoint Type/Loiter in UgCS
"Hello Corey,

I am glad you like our software so far.

Regarding circle tool, TBH I am not personally familiar with loiter tool in Mission Planner, only Loiter flight mode.

I did not clearly understand what is the functionality you would like to…"
May 2, 2018
Artūrs replied to Robert Matthews's discussion Export telemetry crashing in UgCS

We have concluded that the A3 flight controller (used in M600) sends very large amounts of telemetry data every second (slightly more than other our supported flight controllers) and therefore the telemetry data is slowing down UgCS and…"
Apr 26, 2018
Artūrs replied to Christian Freydl's discussion shutter control for DJI M600 (A3) in UgCS
"Hi Chirs,

Thanks for pointing out at the article, we had not mentioned that the article applies only to -non DJI cameras
If you have a DJI camera like Zenmuse X5, X7, Z3, etc. this does not apply and you can use trigger by time function.

But if…"
Apr 23, 2018
Artūrs replied to Stevod's discussion How do I enable Telemetry for Emulator in UgCS
"Hi Victor,

Unfortunately we have not a tool for that because we honestly do not work with DJI software at the moment.

The only way I see for now would be if there was an enthusiast around who would create such tool.

Apr 9, 2018
Artūrs replied to Robert Matthews's discussion Flight planning problem in UgCS

After talking to our developers, it seems this is a known problem. We have raised the priority for fixing the issue, so I hope this will be solved in one of the upcoming versions.

For now, the only workaround is to split the Photogrammetry…"
Apr 4, 2018
Artūrs replied to Robert Matthews's discussion Flight planning problem in UgCS
"Hi Robert,

Thanks for notifying, it seems that the uneccessary area is being covered because of the complex shape.

To investigate the case further, please e-mail us your mission or route file together with the screenshot to support@ugcs.com

Apr 3, 2018
Artūrs replied to Ligia Frangello's discussion Mavlink messages through TCP in UgCS
"Hi Ligia,

UgCS is trying to download route from vehicle on connect. See MISSION_REQUEST_LIST and MISSION_COUNT mavlink messages. You can respond with 0 count on that.

Hope that helps,
Feb 28, 2018
Artūrs replied to Ethan Payne's discussion Display images onto UGCS in UgCS
"Dear Ethan,

As of now, it is not possible to create single GeoTIFF images without stitching them. Reason for that is, that creating single images makes no sense, as the images need to be stiched to match elevation. Without stitching we can not know…"
Feb 2, 2018
Artūrs replied to Ethan Payne's discussion Display images onto UGCS in UgCS
"I can not promise you anything, only a rought estimate would be at least 3 months from now.

Regarding your second question about Mapper, could you please elaborate what is the exact function you would like to have? Is it simple image geotaggin…"
Jan 31, 2018