Not progressing to waypoints

Hello all,

I'm looking to find some help with figuring out what I'm doing wrong with my UgCS missions. I'm hoping someone can look at the mission and tell me what I'm doing wrong.

I've been able to create a mission, connect to the drone, upload the mission to the drone and send the drone on its way. It reaches the first waypoint and then stops and just hovers in place. The drone does no other action until I hit the return to home button on the controller. I'm using a DJI Phantom Advanced

My route is set up as follows:

Segment 1: Take off point, set takeoff altitude.

Segment 2: Waypoint less than 30 meters away from takeoff. I was advised to do this since UgCS will complain if the first waypoint of the mission is greater than 30m away.

Segment 3: Photogrammetry. I've kept the photogrammetry segments under 90 waypoints, usually closer to 80 waypoints as that keeps the flight time closer to where I'd like so I have enough battery to land. I've used the following settings on my Photogrammetry segment:

  • Flight Speed 5 m/s
  • Turn type: Stop & Turn
  • Camera: DJI Phantom Pro
  • Ground Resolution, GSD: 2 cm
  • Direction Angle: as needed to keep flights in the desired direction
  • Avoid obstacles: checked
  • Action Execution: Every point
  • Additional Waypoints: unchecked
  • Overshoot, m: 1
  • Overshoot speed: blank
  • Altitude type: AGL
  • Allow partial calculation: unchecked
  • AGL Tolerance, m: 0.00
  • No action at last point: checked
  • Double Grid: Unchecked

For actions:

  1. Set camera attitude:

  • Roll: 0.00
  • Tilt: 90.00
  • Yaw: 0.00
  • Zoon Level: blank

  2. "Set camera by time":

  • Auto: Unchecked
  • Interval, s: 3
  • Shots number: blank
  • First shot delay, s: 0

Segment 4: Waypoint near to the landing area

Segment 5: Landing

The attached file, Example has a 3 route mission that I put together the exact same way as the ones I'm having trouble with, while it's not the exact location that I was attempting to fly today, I use the field at this mission often for testing and have experienced the same problem before.


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  • Hi Keith,

    We think that the problem could be caused by the Camera action - Tilt. Could you please try to remove this action and fly the route in simulator first and then, maybe try it in flight? Maybe you have a closer location where you could just try the camera action without flying the whole photogrammetry?

  • Hello Arturs,

    I've created a ticket and included those routes in it. I've also included the logs from the attempted flights. In simulator mode, the routes fly just fine. In fact, I got prematurely excited, thinking I had the issue resolved. I drove an hour and a half to get on site (it is a cell dead zone, no data out there) just to have the mission fail because it did not advance to the first photogrammetry waypoint.

    I don't rule out user error, but I've followed the documentation and watched the how-to videos on youtube and have yet to get this working. I've had the software for over a month now, and while I've gotten the drone in the air, I've yet to have a successful flight. I'll be lying if I said I wasn't frustrated.

  • Hi Keith,

    I am sorry for your inconvienence. Are the attached routes the exact ones which have problems?

    I assume you are using Phantom 3 Advanced?

    While our engineers are investigating the Misson, could you repeat the the routes in simulator mode and see if the problem repeats?


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