How about a GPS Shield with SD card that can use spare GPS every one might be carrying around once they have been upgraded by Ublox5 series? Any Ideas guys. Or how about blue tooth port for Ardupilot that can use a blue tooth GPS, so that GPS can be mounted as far as possible without worrying about cables etc
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    Found this link which has exactly what I wanted, Needs a pic and it looks doable :) , Any one any advice/comments. Thanks
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    Thanks Emani, will check it out. Hope your info is very helpful to every one here.
    @David , that is wonderful if it works at 80k' , though these GPS bottoms out at 20k' !!
  • just the board, a gps module, proper connectors and a serial port in ttl levels, I think. and, of course, the sd card and reader. I think the card firmware might need some tweaking, in order to boot logging before any command, seems easy to do. I never used, I use the logomatic, the card is very recent.
  • > I have a 406 just wired into an Xbee for standalone tracking, works for me.

    Used a 408 the same way to track a balloon:

    Worked past 80,000ft
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    thanks guys, this give some ideas, Happy , this one includes GPS, I was hoping one without 406 so that guys with newer GPS can still use the old one in this manner. ,
    @ Gary, that will be good, any sketch or circuit for how you wired it?
    @ Erani, yes , looks like i,t what else is needed in addition to this board to complete the proj.
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    I have a 406 just wired into an Xbee for standalone tracking, works for me.
  • I am very happy with the logomatic (link above), be sure to check the, they are selling for $25, seems like what you are looking for.
  • Sparkfun wants considerable more for the SD ability
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    @Patrick , that will be fun project :))
    @ Jack , thanks , any sketch or circuit , I have Sirf III bluetooth GPS originally meant to be a addon to mobile phone without one or to be used for laptop.
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