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Cool new autopilot from Procerus

This is a little out of the hobbyist league, but at the AUVSI convention, Procerus showed off its new gear, including the awesome Kestrel 3 autopilot. Check out the features above! Here's a link to the pdf of all their new product offerings, and a little more info on pricing. Way out of our range, but a sense of where the pros are right now in terms of features and tech. Our ambition has always been to offer 90% of the functionality for 10% of the price of commercial gear. We're there on price, but still have a ways to go on features.
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  • Mmmmm tasty.
  • 100KM
    500 mhz DSP that is a lot of power . looks like they put it to good use with the 17 state EKF and gimbal driver
  • More Interesting, But too much expensive !!!!!!
  • Moderator
    I think thats why all the military ones that I have seen change colour on condition. Amber = watch out Red = oh no Green A + OK

    Procerus always seem on top of the game, I like the new no moving parts PTZ as well, had to be the way to go.
  • You should see the GCS for Aerosonde - there're over 1000 parameters on 5 different screens and they're all useful.

    Trust me, when you send that thing 200nm away, you'd want to know every little details about it...we use to offen joke that we fly using the Matrix screen and a good operator can predict when the engine about to sh*t itself!
  • Professional gear tends to get way overbloated in the name of driving sales. There's no way a field operator could actually digest all the finely printed information in the modern ground stations or remember every feature in the modern waypoint lists. What was the option for 2 second camera intervalometer engine cutoff attitude hold? Professionals also can't take risks on things like sonar & 3DOF IMU's. They have to sell tried & true Kalman filters & full 9DOF AHRS's. At least Procerus managed to skip all the junk & go straight for tri rotors by waiting a few years. Adaptiveflight got stuck in T-Rex hell.

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