Copter-GCS with Mission Support and more

3689419020?profile=originalHello all,

Hope no-one object to another update. For those who use this, I've set up a mail list at so that bug notifications and updates can be sent to users.


Now for the updates:

I've finally gotten mission support on Copter-GCS working. Load from the copter, edit, drag the waypoints on the map and add new ones by touching the map for a second.


3689419040?profile=originalEditing the waypoints is also fully supported. More specific menus is pushed back to a later version. You can reorder the waypoints by dragging them around in the list. I'm hoping to improve this for a future version though.


I've fixed a few potential use error with the transmitter calibration, and added mode switch setup:

3689418648?profile=originalThe current mode is shown in yellow, and selecting any drop-down menu shows the various options. As soon as you select it, the mode is stored.


3689418942?profile=originalHardware setup is now also available. Once done, just hit save, and you should be good to go.


Finally, the PID view is now auto-generated based on the MAVLink parameters. This means that APM users will be able to have better use of the system now.


Check out for more details/images.

As usual, comments/bug reports/feature requests are more than welcome.



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  • Diego, what's wrong with your phone?

    Scott, pretty good case!

  • @Scott this really sound interesting. Count me in.

  • 3692250318?profile=originalThis is a pic of the prototype case and my cell phone (T-Mobile HD2) for size comparison.  In this pic I had not yet drilled the holes for the LEDs, but they are there for all 7 of the functions listed.  This is a two sided board so the LED's and On/Off switch are on one side, and the XBee module, USB connector (for charging the internal LiPO) and Bluetooth module are on the other side.  It was a fun project to do because I always wanted a clean package and ended up with a great result.  The cases are relatively cheap.  This one from Polycase is 6 bucks in singles and less than 4 at quantity.


  • I never got around to doing the Kickstarter project -I got a new job, finally!  But I have no aversion to copying everyone.

    @Bart, you need to "accept" my friend request on here for me to send you a direct message.

  • @Scott I recall you mentioning a kick start project coming at some point, but don't have a link for it. Can you send details my way as well? Sounds like it would be a useful addition to the store.

  • Hey guys, I have a part you can have - it was going to be open source anyway - I will send the docs to you guys.  It all fits in a case from polycase and uses a lipo battery from sparkfun, has a built in charger circuit, and charges via usb.  I was going to turn it into a product...hence the pretty little decal, but I am happy to forward everything to you guys to produce.  Jeff, I will shoot you an email ASAP.

  • i can´t wait untill i fix my HTC HD2 android phone!!!!!!!! it is gonna be ready in a week so i can start to test these features!!!!!!!!!!! hummmmmmmm i think this is the only reason why i could buy a tablet!!!!! maybe a Samsung galaxy!!!!!?????

    By the way, the board interfacing xbee and bluetooth is a really good idea.... in one of my projects i will be using the XTEND OEM on board to comunicate with the airframe,,,,, maybe the interface could have some sort of expansion port to connect to the ground XTEND? maybe USB or serial rs 232 or both?

  • Thanks for explanations, now it's clear. Agree with you, Jeff, I have been waiting for this kind of GCS, too.

    Bart, going to order the parts now :)

  • @Kirill There is no difference between the two versions, but the market version is automatically updated (although a google group is now available so you can be emailed for updates), and supports development. The actual APKs are identical.

    I'll be looking at making a board with the 3D robotics folks, but no timelines. Let me know how you make out:)
  • @Kirill, I myself bought the Android Market version. I asked Bart the same question before and what he said was it is basically the same but the android market version will be updated as soon as the new version/update is release while the repository version you must always check for latest version.

    I also bought paid to help out Bart the least I can do and test some of the release (if I can). Both version will do, up to you.

    The more of us that uses this the more feedback/suggestion Bart can get for improvement.

    Disclaimer: I have no financial gain for this, only benifit is I get the dream app I have been looking for a long time. ALthough the USB version was the one I was looking for but android dont have the ftdi kernel yet and Bart is avoiding Rooted android so general public can use it. Ofcourse another benifit is not needing to bring laptop on the field.

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