Death Valley (TBS @ USA Road Trip Chapter 3)

Flying in Death Valley with the Zephyr and a HobbyKing RadJet. (verbal permission from a ranger on site! normally R/C is banned in Death Valley be sure you get permission!). Death Valley is an amazing place for FPV. The salt flats and surrounding area are pretty challenging RF-wise. We managed to reach 5km, then the video link started to deteriorate. R/C was still within a reasonable safety margin but surprisingly weak too.

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  • Some of these might just have been flown ... :)

  • Thanks for clearing that up.  So what's next?

    The Vegas Strip?

    Boulder dam?

    Grand Canyon?

    Monument Valley?

    Mesa Verde?

    Carlsbad Cavern?  Underground UAV flying - cool!

  • No R/C runs on the 70cm HAM band (433) using EzUHF.
  • Is your RC aircraft controlled via 2.4GHz as well?

  • Thanks. We're using a 500mW 2.4GHz video transmitter that you can buy in most US FPV shops. The camera on the plane is a GoPro 2, the camera on the ground is a 550 from Canon.

  • Developer

    Awesome video! Hey are you guys using a GOPRO for the video camera? It is hard to tell. Also what frequency is your video transmitter and how powerful is it? Thanks guys!

  • No idea. FPV is banned in a few National Parks. Interestingly, we only got into trouble in the ones where it isn't banned.

  • Nice video.

    Why would RC be banned in Death Valley, I wonder.  Seems to me like the perfect place for it.,wide open, and and great lines of sight, and beautiful country.

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