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  • 100KM

    Amazing endurance - and brilliant that the gripper only uses energy when switching. Thanks.

  • Hein, We actually only flew 7km but it'll do well over 20km, I never actually flew long enough to run the battery down 45 minutes in hover should be possible. The magnet does not need any power during static operation, only a few Joules to switch.

    The setup was 14x4.7 props on those 3DR motors with flashed 3DR ECS's 3C10Ah for under 2kg take of weight. The motors don't have a problem with these big props as long as you don't push them. Once they overheat power consumption goes way up. It seems that power consumption correlates more with vibration then with speed.

  • I've no idea what Andreas used - but I will likely get around 6-7km (20 minutes, inc a "slow" waypoint for the drop) with my hex, with a 1kg load. 6S, 10900mah, 14" on a hex. Only one way to find out I guess!

  • 100KM

    I've never been able to fly more than 10 minutes @ 45kph, let alone carry a payload while powering a magnet, which is what would be needed to do the 17km in 20 minutes. Which motors and props combination are you using?

    This might work well on my Skywalker though!

  • I'll be doing another shortly as well, btw - once 3.2 is officially released (I'm naturally wary of betas). I'm hampered by the Swiss "LoS" rule, but I aim to provide full footage and telemetry of the fully automated flight as well.

  • One that has "continue mission" specified in the failsafe config, and the flight is automated (Arudcopter 3.2 will allow a full auto payload mission). And has enough mah onboard to do it, obviously. A 14km out-and-back-with-no-sightseeing trip should only be 20 minutes or so? ish?

    Helps when the terrain is flat and not inhabited, and the package is light, admittedly.

  • 100KM
    The gripper is great, but what kind of quad can do 14km?!
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