Depron Fuselage for Easystar Wings.

Guys.I love to fly the easystar with different configurations, different autopilots, different FPV setups. Etc..etc..etc..But with the worldwide shortage of multiplex easystars as seen on towerhobbies - having been on backorder for well over 3 months, I figured it was time to do something about it. Thus, my project was born. Build a fuselage out of 6mm Depron, exactly the same dimensions as the easystar with the ability to take the plug in wings from the easystar and put them right on the airframe.Project Goals:1. Fit the easystar wings perfectly2. Exact same dimensions so the aerodynamics are no different3. Modular, able to add different payloads easily through hatch.4. Easy to template for mass reproduction.Here is what I came up with, and man let me tell you it works like a charm. Each Aircraft frame cost me less then $ 5 USD in depron. I buy my depron from for those who wish to do this themselves.Plane is built with Hot glue gun. So construction of entire frame takes less then 1 hr from cutting to assembly.Here is the finished product:

I will post more pictures if you wish to see more angles.Elevator is 6mm EPP as is the rudder, that way its very rugged and I use packing tape on the bottom of the fuselage to keep a smooth landing surface and protect the depron from dinks on landing.Its super easy to make these, and all I did was mimic the same fuselage concepts as the easystar employs. This one is a front engine one, I have a rear engine one as well and the frame is built to use a pusher in the mid-section just like the easystar or a front mounted engine with folding prop.I am also finishing one with 2 engines, a front mount and rear mount all in one. Just for the heck of it, its only $5 USD in foam to try it :)The one above has been flown with ardupilot 25 times so far, and also serves as an FPV plane utilizing my velcro on all in one video system.$ 1 USD in depron for that one. Here is a photo of it...

If you need extra fuselages for different flight scenarios, then try scratch building them with depron. All you need is a long ruler, and a cutting board and glue gun. Gear added by your own tastes. 6mm depron sheet, 1 sheet will do 1 fuselage with enough left for parts.Cheers,-Peter
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  • Congrats on the successful Depron-EZ. Errr D-Z Star? :)
    Im sure your aware that while the EZ start being the #1 Commercial UAV/FPV Platform, the wing loading was never intended for the extra 1-2lbs of UAV Paypload.
    Next Build, use replacement EZ Glider wings instead !
  • Thanks Thomas. Will give them a try for sure.
  • Admin

    BP Hobbies is a internet operation out of NJ. Here is the EZ* page on their website:

    BP Hobbies LLC Catalog
    Central New Jersey supplier of radio control models, parts, and accessories. Retail and wholesale to US and Canada.
  • What I have found over the years with Depron and really any foam, is that the traditional CA glues and foam safe glues are too hard once cured. So a few years back I stole my wife hobby/craft glue gun just to try it with the ALL PURPOSE GLUE sticks on a foam construction. Well let me tell you, man what a Difference.

    1st, its flexible yet it cures quite solid to really any foam. With depron I use the low setting after having it on high, depron can melt if the gun is too hot so start with Low and you will build your own tricks to get it flow fast.

    2nd, Its easy to mold and I can work it on high heat like a calk or plaster. Meaning, I can fill voids easily, make it flat and thin and this allows me to create a layer of glue above the foam for added strength to critical sections like the firewall, nose and bottom of fuselage. Wing leading edges etc.

    I buy bulk foam from RCFOAM.Com. I have been scratch building all type of foamies over the years. It makes projects like these a breeze when you have 10-20 sheets on hand. Check them out, they have Great prices and are very reasonable and have great customer service. They have every foam and carbon rod you could ever imagine needing. Not a sale plug here, just an FYI.

    3rd, make gussets. On any end connection where a top of fuselage comes to the side sections or bottom, put a slab of glue at the end and create a gusset. It helps to reinforce critical end section. I also line a beed the entire length of inside seem between sides and top and bottom of fuselage. This further reinforces the sections of the fuselage.

    For the wing section on the fuselage. I cut to fit the easy wing by putting the actual easy wing on the fuselage side section. Only on one section so as to create a master template which I can trace over and over and over again. Then make sure the easy wing is 0/0 level with the fuselage side section. You can choose different areas of the top of fuselage to put the wing depending on the payloads. Shift it back if its light up front, shift forward if its heavy upfront etc. You can also create a different fuselage template for each scenario type. Like FPV, Ardupilot, Video+ardupilot and just gliding in general. Front engine mount, rear engine mount - both.

    I will get a template made - I will do it in an adobe format that will allow for printing and placing over the depron.

    Once you create a the first one, save it to the side as a template. And you can make these things over an over again at will, with very little effort.

    @TCIII - I wish my local hobby store stocked the multiplex. I am on a 3 month backorder for my easystar kit :)

    Thanks for the feedback, I will get a template made asap.

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  • Very nice work. I look forward to get the plans and start building one.
  • Really nice work Peter! Thanks for sharing this. I really like how easy it is to build up different configurations. Did you do anything to strengthen the wing or are you using it as is?

  • Admin

    Nice work. I purchased a couple of big pieces of Depron (an ELAPOR look-a-like) and might be interested in duplicating your fuse so please do post the template.

    I crashed my EZ* a couple of weeks ago and it was beyond reasonable repair. So I bought a fuse, wings, canopy, and tail set from BP Hobbies. They have most of the EZ* components in stock except for the the complete kit. I also have a complete kit on order at Tower Hobbies.

  • Sure thing. Will post a template...
  • 3D Robotics
    Excellent work! That's the DIY spirit--any chance of posting a template?
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