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Michael Zietlow posted a discussion
Ive noticed odd RTL behavior I need some advice on.Is there a A Panic or MANUAL OVERRIDE that can snap the APM out of LAND mode?While flying in stabilize mode my SAT Count dropped to 0 for a few seconds putting my Quad (Arducopter 3.1 / APM2.5 )…
Sep 25, 2013
Michael Zietlow replied to Harrison Cassidy's discussion Cellular Telemetry + APM + FPV in a Aircraft
"So your saying you want to buy a cellular FPV system?

There 400US ea.
HERE:   http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sky-drone-fpv"
Aug 22, 2013
Michael Zietlow commented on Jared Reabow's blog post DroidPlanner for Android The best missionplanner alternative! Using Mavlink via cheap usb adapter (Follow me - PIDS - ACC calibration - FREE)
"Awesome!  And Android tablets are dirt cheap on ebay but their battery life sucks in general.
I'd love to know when an iPhone/iPad version becomes available."
Aug 13, 2013
Michael Zietlow commented on Chris Anderson's blog post FPV goes very wrong, plane kidnapped, then....
"Yes this must be the most hilarious RC plane video in existence! BAD Rx; Maybe if a ground range test was preformed this could have been spotted before the EZ* hit the sky. I laugh when I see an $100 Easy Star at the field lined up next to 450heli's…"
Nov 23, 2010
Michael Zietlow replied to Wendi Smol's discussion An EDF driven small aerial vehicle for fun and relaxation
"A Mix between a Global Hawk and a Predator C avenger. Is that a V-tail?

If someone made this as an ARF foamy I would buy it in a heartbeat.
I'll be watching..... VERY NICE!"
Oct 21, 2009
Michael Zietlow replied to Mike's discussion Laser Short Kits, Design and Rapid Prototyping
"I cant believe nobody is building one... The older Predator design is really a bad UAV design for rc due to tip stall behaviors at low speed and landings. A Global Hawk / Predator "C" with its now WIDER fuselage and increased wing loading sure would…"
Oct 20, 2009
Michael Zietlow commented on Justas's blog post Predator by your own hands! Some help needed :)
"The Predator C Avenger looks wider, better wing loading, and more air worthy. I cant wait to see EDF versions of this amazing UAV."
Oct 16, 2009
Michael Zietlow commented on Peter Meister's blog post Depron Fuselage for Easystar Wings.
"Congrats on the successful Depron-EZ. Errr D-Z Star? :)
Im sure your aware that while the EZ start being the #1 Commercial UAV/FPV Platform, the wing loading was never intended for the extra 1-2lbs of UAV Paypload.
Next Build, use…"
Oct 16, 2009
Michael Zietlow commented on UAV Pilot's photo
"Nice, I'd be all over that in my area if it wasn't against faa law to commercially sell areal photographs from an rc aircraft. :("
Oct 12, 2009
Michael Zietlow commented on John Gantner's blog post Google Earth Live FPV & Cellular Telemetry
"The concept sounds great. I have many recorded UAV flights that I would love to see from google earths perspective as though I was flying again. To do it real time via cellular uplink would be even better."
Sep 15, 2009
Michael Zietlow replied to Pradeep Singh's discussion Queries regarding FMA CO-PILOT
"I'm also looking to get an FMA Co-Pilot for my FPV Easy Glider with Eagle Tree OSD.
Is there a less expensive alternative from DIY Drones? I noticed they sel XYZ sensors and thourght maybe they had their own solution for less! :-)"
Sep 14, 2009
Michael Zietlow commented on Julian's photo
"Hmm, that's actually the best crash I've every seen. Wouldnt it be great if all planes folded their wings in and planted themselves like a lawn dart. Need to renforce the cotpit area or actually if the CG is over the wings, who says the avionics…"
Aug 11, 2009