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FPV goes very wrong, plane kidnapped, then....

Hilarious. This is why you want live video/telemetry in your planes!

"One of my 1st FPV attempts didn't turn out so well, it was found by some teens whose first thought wasn't to find the rightful owner until they discovered a camera on-board. A couple hours later I recovered the plane with the help of a local garbage collector and here is the edited down version of the video I found recorded after the whole ordeal had ended. "

(from RCG)
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  • uh dude I think it has a camera in it um dude I think it has a mike um mister we didnt uh want any uh thing to uh happen to your plane just ignore the part of us saying we where going to sell your plane on Ebay uh (avtivates laser cannons*) uh ZAPPP!!! ahh!!! its alive!!! run!!!!
    thats right kids it a UFO
    voted 100000000000/10* as funnyest video ever
  • Yes this must be the most hilarious RC plane video in existence! BAD Rx; Maybe if a ground range test was preformed this could have been spotted before the EZ* hit the sky. I laugh when I see an $100 Easy Star at the field lined up next to 450heli's and Fiberglassed EJETS (I guess their lonely). Foam Park flyers have yet to dismember or kill anyone to date. The only brutal injuries read or seen in Styrofoam RC is the occasional finger strike with spinning prop (Guilty myself 8yrs ago). We all need to accept the fact that Magazines will never stop calling these sub 1lb styro planes Park or Backyard flyers; because of this, kids will continue to fly them out of their backyards and parks.
  • The FAA has repeatedly said to fly "within line-of-sight" and away from "populated areas and airports" and "no higher than 400'".
    This is the reason they want to make laws now; far too many won't listen to FAA guidelines and advisories or even use comon sense.
  • Ok, I get the hyperbolic fuss about flying near people; but people fly kites - even power kites near each other, they play football in or near the street etc... The potential impact to traffic from footballs, kites and airplanes is not dissimilar. I submit that there should be a standard about what constitutes a reasonably safe RC plane (ie whether the prop will break bones or not, whether the mass, speed, and configuration is deadly (prop up front) or presumptively safe.
    So long as the regulations do not provide a safe harbor for safe planes, the benefit for making a safe plane is small an undefined.
  • Developer
    yeah.. oh sh.. umm eh we didn't try to steal is umm oh eh.. or anything. please call 555-COMEANDGETME. Funny kids :)

    Ok issue is serious but still....
  • Developer
    Awesome! I love how the kids freak out when they find the camera and start chaging their story. That is classic!
  • All the same can be said about a football.

    Anyway, there is me thinking that a mic is useless on FPV. Oh how wrong I was.
  • Consider that even a small bird hitting a windshield can create the basis for a fatal accident.
    Please act responsibly.
  • an easystarstop at top speed wouldn't dent a baby, stop crying
  • very funny.
    @ritchie: 2 way audio? Then those kids would really freak out.
    "This is the CIA speaking, You have just found our numer one spy-plane..."LOL
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