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Hi All;New to the site here, but am an avid RC hobbiest and also run a CNC laser business on the side. I'm working with a local prototyper here, and would really like to get more involved with other projects in the UAV/UAS community. Primarily in the role of parts prototyping and the likes.I'd like to offer up my services if there's anyone out there needing any laser work done. I have no overhead (work at Boeing by day), but have a really nice CO2 CNC Laser that I'd like to kerp busier. I'm not out to make any profit, but am eagar to help anyone who might need laser cutting, engraving or the likes. Parts cutting and design are my specialty, so I'm just throwing this out there.Drop me a line if you're looking to have anything cut. No job's too small so don't hesitate. Really exciting stuff and I'm eager to help whereever.Thanks - mikesomesailor@gmail.comAPlus Mobile Graphics and Design Services

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  • HI Richard thanks for giving feed back, the idea of making an aircraft like this is that it has already had the R/D done on it and from a UAV/ radio hobbyist stand point alot of the hard work is already worked out, Yes the turbine is a problem but not impossible, Based around a glider platform the Global hawk has alot of potential, alot more than already used for.

    The MQ-X concept version you mentioned is also a nice airframe will do a mockup on solidworks and see how it performs in numbers will get back to you, but this model is also nice, Problem being is there is not alot of documentation available, IE: 2d drawing to scale from.

  • If your going to make a plane that the govenment already uses like the Global hawk, you should really consicer scraping it becasue it isn't ideal... thatis for turbine type purpulshion... if you want a nice looking bird check this one out... anyone able to make this, I will buy one from... Click here for image.... its made by Northrup Grumman called LM's MQ-X concept... 

  • Not sure if anyone is still following this and interested, but I've got a CO2 laser similar to Mike's. I have a 4'x3' stage though, so I can cut VERY large parts. Feel free to hit me up if you want to discuss it.
  • Wow I just found this.
    Are you still offering this amazing service?
  • I cant believe nobody is building one... The older Predator design is really a bad UAV design for rc due to tip stall behaviors at low speed and landings. A Global Hawk / Predator "C" with its now WIDER fuselage and increased wing loading sure would be an awesome foamy / platform.
  • I guess nobody wanted one after all? Did anybody step up? I would really want a Global Hawk.
  • 3D Robotics
    Care to design a Global Hawk model? It's the one UAV that we haven't DIY'd ;-)
  • 100KM
    hay mike !! its wayne from peak. and to anyone interested , i can say mike produces a fine product.
  • Mike,
    Are you able to cut aluminum .0625 and .125 inches thickness? I have a couple of projects that I have drawn that would be perfect for laser cutting.
  • 3D Robotics

    I do have a resource page here, but it's a bit of a catch-all. Do you think it should go on that, or is there a new category of services available to UAV amateurs that would be large enough to justify its own page?

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