An EDF driven small aerial vehicle for fun and relaxation


only lurking is no fun. So I got myself up and to post some of my ideas. I have built model planes all my life and electrics since the middle 70s and ducted fans (with IC) even earlier. To put fans and electrics together I had the best teacher one can imagine: Charly Binder, who built the first EDF using a Kress fan and a Geist motor.
I had some "diversions" lately but now I want to get myself a new EDF plane and since I also want to try FVP I thought to combine the two. This is a different plane from the one I described in another thread.

Have a look and tell me what you think.

Have fun...


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It's a Global Hawk!!!

Is this something you're designing? It looks GREAT.
Well, not quite. I took the plane below as a model, only didn't want to have two engines so made a single engine "derivative". I plan to have it in the air in a couple of months. It will be mainly made from foam and covered in glasscloth with WBP.

Have fun....

This is really impressive, would love to see the pics of the finished product.
Looks very nice !
What software did you use to produce drawings in the pictures?
Looks great. I'm looking forward to see some pictures of final results. Which airfoil are you planning to use for the three wingspan versions ?
Looks fantastic. I want one. Please publish build pictures!
Software? I grew up at a time when you still had to do everything by hand. Have you ever lofted a plane or boat? These days I use a graphics program (like Corel) so I don't have to use so much paper :-)
I must admit though that sometimes I would like to be able to do 3D drawings so others could see the same as me.

Have fun....

When I have some I will post them here. The wing profile will be a Clark-Y clone.

Are there any builds here?

Beautiful. I am addDucted Fan of this airframe.

that was 5months ago. How time flies when one is busy (with more urgent things than a hobby).
I have recently read through quite a lot of contributions here and see that the interest for new platforms has grown.
There will be a smaller and simpler one for starters and the drone featured above will be built larger by a factor of 1.3 linear to cater for more payload and range.

Let's see that can keep up with it now.

A Mix between a Global Hawk and a Predator C avenger. Is that a V-tail?

If someone made this as an ARF foamy I would buy it in a heartbeat.
I'll be watching..... VERY NICE!

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