Design Challenge to Aid Search & Rescue

3689694357?profile=originalShapeways and DJI are launching a contest challenging designers to help turn the Phantom 4 into the ultimate rescue drone and help save lives. 

The challenge: design a 3D printed accessory that attaches to a DJI Phantom 4, which can be used to aid first responders in their search and rescue efforts. Check out the video.  

One grand prize winner will receive a DJI Phantom 4 Advanced Quadcopter ($1,499 value) and $1,000 in Shapeways printing credits. Three runners up will receive $500 each in Shapeways 3D printing credit.  The Grand Prize winner and three runner ups will be announced at the New York City Maker Faire, October 1, 2016 and their designs demoed live on site. All winning designs will be donated to the California Fire Department.

Deadline to enter is July 15, 2016. To submit your design to Shapeways, go here.

Why Participate:  Severe weather and rough waters are classic hallmarks of ocean rescue, complicating an already challenging rescue operation -- finding a small body in a large body of water. By adding 3D printed accessories that can improve the drone’s visibility, carry payloads and land on water, first responders could cover more area, cutting response times while monitoring hard to navigate waters. More lives would be saved, and fewer first responders put at risk, all thanks to a 3D printed drone modification.

Enter today!

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  • T3

    Well that's the thing, this contest is for (the most part) about pure 3D printed accessories.  The winners of the last similar contest were a set of pontoons, a gravity driven claw, a mount for your lego man to ride on top, and a cup to carry stuff.

  • The P4 is completely locked down at the software and hardware levels - kinda pointless when building accessories, I'd have thought.

  • Joe Renteria...same tought goes through my head. I hang a pair of fake testicles from your truck because your truck alone is not manly enough? Is that the logic? Way off topic, of course. Now, on a quadcopter, I can se how they might be advantageous. Haha.
  • @benbojangles I can't stand those things. What is a guy thinking about when he crouches down to strap a set of rubber nuts to a truck? Funny post though...
  • We have a contest entry winner:

  • Interesting. I have ideas, but never worked with 3D printing or design for 3D printing. Have done some CAD work in the past. May have to do some learning.
  • DJI & maker community - never going to be a success. Ardupilot on the otherhand :)

  • T3

    Aha, my kind of contest!  I am a mechanical engineer who specializes in UAV payloads; most of my payloads end up being 3D printed.  Very glad when I read the fine print and saw that the entrant retains rights to their design.  You can expect my design near the deadline, so no one has time to copy it.  Good luck to everyone who decides to enter this!

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