Hi folks, sorry about delay publishing URUS system source code, for people interested and to know how it's will work with ardupilot, there is a recently documentation with descriptive images explaining the URUS structure system and URUS Protocol.

This document was used in a conference at EMI University and UAGRM Bolivia's statal university.

Thank you very much for your patience.

Link to document:

The URUS integration into ardupilot is right now merged through thi PR https://github.com/ArduPilot/ardupilot/pull/3718, and you can follow all PR pushing update to ardupilot following me at github if you want.


or following URUS discussion at this link:


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  • Hi There!

    We are adding the new URUS hardware abstraction layer with a new little level HAL at behind, we are called it "Synthetic HAL" because it's based on the TOP Abstraction Layer and adapted to live in the same system. With this structure, developers can implements and make their changes under URUS System HAL.

    There is an example to test it and you can build it with Cygwin and with Android NDK toolchain at the moment.

    This is the waf command to build it:


    $./waf configure --board urussitl
    $./waf clean
    $./waf urusexamples


    $./waf configure --board urusandroid --static
    $./waf clean
    $./waf urusexamples

    NOTE: You need Android NDK Toolchain to build for this platform.

    We will support for Android NDK, Cygwin, Linux Platform and in the future NuttX.

    The URUS System main development is for Raspberry with light weight embed kernel (13mb included the initramfs) for really realtime proccess on this board with a APM 2.x board attached to this one.

    You can fork this at the new URUS Repo:


    HAL BOARD: Added URUS Base HAL system. by hiro2233 · Pull Request #5552 · ArduPilot/ardupilot
    Hi Friends! This the URUS Team. We are adding the new URUS hardware abstraction layer with a new little level HAL at behind, we are called it "Synthe…
  • Hi @Andy_Little! Sorry for the late.

    URUS Procotol API, is the main communication system on the URUS System, internal and external, With this one, you could connect with other hardware using the same protocol or use for telemetry if you want.

  • Developer

    In the slides it talsk about the URUS API. What is that?

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