DGAC "the french FAA" accepted the first APMcopter


After a year of darkness, with a lot of crashes and deceptions, we manage to build our lightweight frame and get our manufacturer licence from the DGAC.

In France, europe will probably apply the same rules, the uav with batteries and dslr, has to be less than 4kg alltogether to be authorized in town. Our goal was to get 1 kg payload with 15 min and a full control of the dslr. Our overpowered quad is 2580g with paraglide, and has an autonomy of 12 to 15min with 2*4S2100mah (418g). The gimbal can carry 1kg payload and all canon dslr are driven by dslrcontroller from the ground.

We had a 6 months disscussion with the dgac to prove them the safety of the apm firmware.

Done, DGAC accepted the first manufacturer with something that is not DJI or MK.

Thanks a lot to everyone who helped us.

Nicolas hebert




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  • Thank you Nicolas for opening this path. That's good news! 

    Good flights


  • Just saw your other post now regarding "How commercial use of drone is running in France".

    That is very valuable information, thanks.

  • This is great! The DGAC recognize the APM code in their certification process! A big thanks to you Nicolas for spearheading the effort in France!

    If the certification and paperwork is reasonable I think there will be a groundswell of innovation from this county, particularly from the Grenoble region.

  • J'ai la meme question du Hugues, où puis-je trouver plus d'informations sur le processus de certification de la DGAC?

    J'habite a Perpignan et vais visiter Grenoble en mai. Dans quelle région de grenoble etes-vous basee?

    Felicitations et bon travail!

  • MR60

    Je serais curieux de savoir quelles etaient les questions de la DGAC sur le firwmware APM:copter afin de ma préparer a ce meme processus de certification en Belgique. Serait-ce possible d'entrer en contact (PM moi) pour en discuter ? meci d'avance.

  • I would be very happy to see us in the U.S. get 4 KG, that would make life a lot easier for us than what we have now, basically nothing.

    Of course more would be better.

    Of course at this point we still don't have the slightest idea what (if anything) the FAA is going to do.

    And very little consideration that it is likely to be anything worthwhile when they finally do.

    That said, I am very happy to see an APM based craft actually achieve actual official government certification.

    Hopefully that will provide basis for others as well.

  • T3

    Good news !

    My drones (fix wings, quad and hexa) are DGAC approuve S1-S3 with APM since one year, but not for serial production

  • 3D Robotics


  • 3D Robotics


  • Bravo !!!

    Bien fait!!
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