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Antoine LECESTRE commented on Thomas Stone's blog post Infrared-tracking Gimbal
"Hi Thomas,So did you finally were able to use my AP_Pixy library to control the gimbal thru Pixhawk and Mount? Or did you directly connect the gimbal to Pixy.
You could achieve better control loop if you modified the martinez's firmware. In fact,…"
Sep 28, 2014
Antoine LECESTRE left a comment on Learning to program the Ardupilot Mega
"Hi Guys, 
I've been working for a few days on implementation of CMUcam PIXY to Ardupilot. I have created AP_PIXY library which is available in my GIthub (here) and based on the original Pixy's arduino library  (here).
My objectif is to use the Pixy…"
May 16, 2014
Antoine LECESTRE commented on Nicolas's blog post DGAC "the french FAA" accepted the first APMcopter
"Thank you Nicolas for opening this path. That's good news! 
Good flights
Apr 30, 2014
Antoine LECESTRE replied to Valentin Brossard's discussion Next Level Aerial Filming
"Nice technology!
I've actualy work on it six month ago (see my reply here). If I where you I would go for mass market. Professional user are payed to make the aérial video. There job is not to fly the drones, it's just a way to get the footages but…"
Apr 18, 2014
Antoine LECESTRE commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Ground robot tracks and controls air robot
"very interesting project! I think it would be even more interesting if the vision system was on the drone and the IR leds on the ground. That would open new possibility and wont be "blind" after direct exposure to the sun. Main issue is off cource…"
Apr 10, 2014
Antoine LECESTRE commented on Pål Møst's blog post Quadcopter performing visual guided autonomous landing.
"hey Pal,
howsome job! I'm currently developing a code similar to your's but for another application and I have a few questions. What type of traking do you use? Is it a hsv hreshold + CvFindContour or something more like a CAMshift with histograms ?…"
Feb 12, 2014