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  • @il lak

    The sensor can control servos. You may need to have an intermediate MCU (i.e., Arduino) to send the appropriate commands to a BaseCam controller. 



  • Hi, 

    I'm currently working on a project where we are tracking a motorbike using pixy cam.

    Frst i want to know when using IR-Lock can we commend brushless motors by connecting the pixy directly to the BaseCam controller?

    Or should i code it with arduino?



  • Yeah I too think you will get better results with Martinez, but it all depends on your setup, gimbal, camera etc. The big difference between Martinez and AlexMos is that the Martinez brushless gimbal software is open source. I’ve never tried a similar kinda configuration. What I have tried for tracking is vector magnetometers ( )

  • Hi Antoine,

    Thanks for the input. 

    This setup is directly connected to the Gimbal (AlexMos control board). Are you saying that the Martinez is better to use than AlexMos? I don't have experience with Martinez. 

    I look forward to trying out the AP_Pixy library. Have you had any success with it lately, or did you move on to another solution? I have been successful at modifying Pixy firmware (for the IR-LOCK project), but I don't have much experience with APM code. 



  • Hi Roberto,

    I agree with you. That is probably the best configuration for larger Gimbals. But for this small GoPro Gimbal, the Pixy adds a significant amount of weight/size, so we kept it separate. Also, we like to mount the IR-LOCK Pixy directly to the quadcopter for our quad control projects. 

    I hope your tests are going well. In the future, when we can afford a $3,000 Ronin, we can use the other configuration. :)



  • Hi Thomas,
    So did you finally were able to use my AP_Pixy library to control the gimbal thru Pixhawk and Mount? Or did you directly connect the gimbal to Pixy.

    You could achieve better control loop if you modified the martinez's firmware. In fact, the pwm for control are only read every ten loops in gimbal's firmware. By reading it at every loop and changing a little the filtering you will have better following capability because of higher loop refreshing.


  • Moderator

    Hi Thomas , is better to put Pixy directly on camera mount not on drone so you can obtain better result . I doing  a lot of test and that is better configuration ...



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