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I am very much interested to join. It could give some more knowledge about things.



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Daniel Dipalma commented on Thomas Stone's blog post Infrared-tracking Gimbal
"Yeah I too think you will get better results with Martinez, but it all depends on your setup, gimbal, camera etc. The big difference between Martinez and AlexMos is that the Martinez brushless gimbal software is open source. I’ve never tried a…"
Jan 23, 2015
Daniel Dipalma replied to Brett Smith's discussion Magnetometer Tilt Compensation Tutorial + Sensor Analysis
"Thanks for that link SM. I too had the same issue with the old magnetometer. Someone suggested me to try implementing the full tilt-compensation but I was not that familiar with the full tilt procedure. But now it’s clear. I think the issue was with…"
Oct 8, 2014
Daniel Dipalma replied to Gareth Jones's discussion Laws or Flying Regulations in Angola in South African DIY Drones User Group
"I heard that FAA has introduced some new rules and regulations but I don't think they are being started following. Whatever, the case will be different in Angola. I think you will be needing the help of an aviation law service.
You can always get…"
Aug 7, 2014
Daniel Dipalma commented on Duran - ALTI's blog post Video - SteadiDrone QU4D
"Hi, Duran, I am impressed! This is really an inspirational video! I liked the designing of your SteadiDrone QU4D. But you could have created the video with the help of a video production company. They would have done a perfect job. I mean, the theme…"
Apr 23, 2014
Daniel Dipalma replied to Euan Ramsay's discussion Is it really illegal?
"Hi Euan, I just read the article and could find the line that you have mentioned.
"The presence of a drone at a crime scene for journalistic purposes is in violation of FAA regulations." 
I have never heard it before and I am not quite sure about…"
Mar 28, 2014
Daniel Dipalma replied to Oliver Wetmore's discussion Underwater Quadcopter
"Quadcopter for underwater use? Well, I don't think it is a bad idea. Be careful with the design of copter orientation system. 
Read more at http://robotics.stackexchange.com/questions/1466/quadcopter-applica...
What I understand from it is that the…"
Feb 21, 2014