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  • So your going to use a bombing run approach where you basically have the food item slung under the copter and then your going to drop it onto someones property?  Looks like you need to look into impact resistant packaging.  :)

    Also, how do you plan to stabilize your quad over a property?  A GPS lock has some inherent error in it correct?  You wouldn't be able to tell if you were over a lawn or over a pool just based off GPS.  I would have thought any reasonable approach would involve some form of landing site and at least a visual, IR, or other such signal from the ground to allow for at least a semi automated drop.  Will you be video piloting the whole flight and on the phone with customer ?

    I mean I can certainly see this method as being good for maybe resupplying military units that are out in the field or delivering medical supplies, but a "drop" in an urban environment seems problematic.  


  • I was picturing lowering the item via a string in a front or back yard. The string detaches from the copter. This way the recipient can't mess with the copter.

    But I can't seem to get my APM2 sonar alt hold working! I don't understand, it worked fine with my APM1... some tuning problem I guess... the sonar altitude numbers are fine, just when I switch to alt hold mode it drops out of the sky...

  • The difference is there is already a roadway system and parking spaces for cars and bicycles, whereas the "parking requirement" for a largish quad is going to require building something on site.  I can certainly see an office, hotel, or apartment building with a "drone port" on the roof, but I have a much harder time seeing the same concept work for household delivery.  It could be a fun little service for a cadre of nerds in silicon valley, but it can't possibly transition to suburbia without every buyer being generally "involved" in the project. 

    @Aaron If you do get burrito copter working I would love to see some video of it.  Also, how are you dealing with landings ?   

  • "Beats me how a business model could make a case for delivering a $5 item with a really expensive thing."

    Think about the ratio between the price of a pizza to that of a car and driver. That model seems to work.

    I have been working on quadcopter burrito delivery for some time now. Dead serious!

  • Ha stoned idea,its why they are using it for munchies!

    @marcS i think you need a new car,mine was like that!

  • I downloaded the taco order app from the android "play" store, but I'm having a problem with it.  Apparently the app requires a gps fix before it lets you place an order - but I'm stuck in the basement in meetings until mid afternoon -- which is why I need to order tacos.  Also, they say they can only deliver 8oz cans of soda and only one per order.  If the can of soda explodes in my face after the air-drop, then I'll be really annoyed.  Plus facilities management isn't answering my page to let me out on the roof.  I think this whole idea sucks.

  • How exactly do the intend to secure these $1000 delivery bots...

    Am I the only one who can see the possibility of thieves ordering up some tacos to someone else's place, then when the quad shows up, disabling it, removing the GPS and becoming the proud new owner of a quad??  More importantly, do I have to tip the quad / pilot?

  • And they play the theme to 007 all the way!

  • Here in my area if you break something and make it unusable,
    You have "Taco'd" it. ;>)
  • Developer

    If something goes wrong on landing, it will deliver the pizza already sliced. Plus trim the grass of your garden. Look at the advantages!!!

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