This was expected after drone privacy debates has become mainstream. And I expect there will be more and more such kind of devices in near future.

I think this is not yet fully developed to be commercialized from technical characteristics point of view. 


"System Specification

The Primary Command and Control Module can typically communicate with nodes up to 200 feet away. 

Each Detection Sensor Node can typically detect drones within 50 feet in all directions.  Frequency detection range is 1MHz - 6.8GHz." 

From 50 feet away you can hear it :). ... for triangulation, I think 50 feet is too short.

Maybe now, small radar kits such as MIT Coffee Can Radar (I mean modified smaller version), Radarduino for private use will be more popular (because of their 1km detection range??).

What do you think guys?

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    It attaches to your drone and detects if there is a drone detector and then makes a REALLY obnoxious noise.

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    Silliest thing I ever saw.  How about if I go on Kickstarter and sell my drone detector detector ? 

  • Loving that they are quoting Diane Feinstein, #1 drone fear monger.  It seems a lot of people cannot differentiate between the government and hobbyists. I am fairly sure the ACLU doesn't care about us nerds flying around, but rather government intrusion of privacy.

    I hope they sell a bunch of these, anyone stupid enough to buy one deserves their money taken.

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    Totally pointless. 

    My Camera UAV's fly above his detection zone, they are programmed to continue the mission if they lose telemetry and the RC link will ignore any jamming or attempts at takeover. what does this do apart from make a noise if a mobile transmitter passes close by? waste of time and money. 

    For the record I support existing privacy regulations and so not spy on people!

  • Gee... they already have raised $185 bucks with 5 backers  ...looks like they will " FLY "  off the shelf at this rate 

  • Remember Y2K? Well that same pack of idiots will buy products like this.

  • images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQwTyf6gM2m8C6sWf5LP0qVtCXUGCVvCC1Eyny_kUe6VWXIEWEEkAAnd then you hook up one of these with computer vision.

    A whole AA system.

    What a load of bull dust....

  • 3701757951?profile=originalThey're too late, nobody will buy those when they can have these! Also, the rectangular shapes with rounded corners are clear violations of Apple patents.

  • reminds me of this product,

    Robot Insurance,


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