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    @Rory do you know anything about the source of their capital? Govt half-sponsored, external investor or maybe the glider pilot used his pocket money earned flying glider charter?

    The story of unmanned tug sounds for me immediately like total bs for noobs. One of tug pilot's jobs is intelligent scenario management when tug loses some power and both are low. There are no black&white options at this stage and workload requires some 2.5 human pilots full time, terrain avoidance and landing site selection being most important pilot skill in this case. I would imagine unmanned glider with human tug as intermediate case in any way, certainly not the opposite.

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    The story is that MP was started because the founder (a glider pilot) wanted an unmanned tug aircraft that could tow him up and then return and land autonomously. How much of this is true and not one of those nice stories invented and embellished  by  their marketing department is not clear.

  • micro EMP and self-desctruction device, except tilt function :)

  • This is a tilt sensor. I found two used in my ForteVR VFX-1 Headgear I bought 16 years ago that I used to play EF-2000 on my PC with 3D eyepieces. The "bulbs" are for head tracking, one per axis I presume?

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    Lightbulb for status? Cmoon. How important said status should be for such a bulb, DEFCON? Tilt sensor is the right answer.

  • Lightbulb for status?

  • flux capacitor

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    @Gary relax, it cannot be that old. As I remember those were the days when GPS was already coal-powered, wooden solar cells were already a thing of the past and a subject of many jokes among those in the know.

  • Like MarcS said, It's an electrolytic tilt sensor.  (last item on the page)

    Tilt Sensors and Inclinometer Design and Manufacturing - Spectron
    Leading supplier of Tilt Sensor, Inclinometer and Tilt Sensing System products since 1947!
  • LOL...superb........

    We had one of these, what an utter nightmare to set up...It took ages to get a presentable flight from from it, did work in the end (being noobs with it didnt help either...)

    Im glad things have moved on

    What a great share!

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