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  • Does anybody know how to make such gray Digital Surface Model? Which program should I use and which entrance data?

  • Thanks Chris!

    ..please let me know if you would like additional information on this flight. It is a lower resolution flight from a SenseFly UAV. Here are some more results:


    Geo-referenced 3D Model/PLY 


    Geo-referenced Low-Res PLY/Elevation Grid/DEM




    DEM / Ortho detailed measurements / elevation profile.

    Thanks for the support, please contact me if you'd like to run a test batch of imagery, you have an interesting project you are working on, or you are a UAV company. We are looking for pilot customers and possible development partnerships. Cheers, Jon-Pierre Stoermer 

  • It is a render of DSM (Digital Surface Model). Actually if you look closer you can se that is composition of several renders (azimuth of light varies). Quite common image in my workflow.

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