Director's Cut: Hexacopter in Cameroon / Africa

Remember the video "A nice place to fly - Hexacopter in Cameroon / Africa" ? Two years later, it is now available as a director's cut with more than twice the length of the original movie, showing some additional scenes and longer sequences:

Available in HD on vimeo:

If you don't know the movie, I recommend to first have a look at the original version here:

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  • I put all the music credits to the very end of the clip. I think this song is from Dexter Britain.
  • great video W!. 

    Your work was instrumental in inspiring me to get involved in multirotors. 

    Can you provide the name of the theatrical music piece that starts at ~4.25min?

    Best Regards from Australia.

  • Great place to fly!  Also a great place for con-artists to reside.  Can't tell you how many times my wife's attempted to be scammed by people from there.

  • Nice! I'm a fan of your style, it's great to see those renderings come to life.

  • Are you still building flying things?

    Yes, e.g. this new FPV-race hexa. As soon as I have an appealing video, I'll post something here on DIYdrones. So long you could have a look at my blog.


    Shrediquette - the award-winning multirotors by William Thielicke
    A blog about the Shrediquette multirotor MAV by W. Thielicke and FPV flight.
  • Are you still building flying things? I've been curious to see what you are coming up with.

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