Display RSSI with ArduCAM OSD


Firmware and Windows Client are made from a modified version of the orginal one found here : arducam-osd


Update 30 January 2013, new version include :

  • Possibility to choose what parameter to tune with CH6


To enable this feature and display selectable parameter screen (screen 1)  :

  • motors must be disarmed
  • CH7 switch is engaged
  • Full throttle and full pitch


After you'll we see a check screen (screen 2) where you have to :

  • Put throttle in low position
  • Put pitch in middle position
  • Put CH6 in middle position

Then you can select parameter (screen 3) to tune with CH6, those parameters are :

  • NAV_KP
  • NAV_KI


  1. Move pitch stick to move between parameter list
  2. Select with full throttle a parameter to be tune with CH6
  3. Quit screen and start tuning the selected paramter with CH7 switchin off position


After tuning a paramter, go back to screen 3, and save new parameter value with yaw stick to the left.


Compiled firmware : 20130129_ArduCAM_OSD_.rssi.time.status.climb.current.tuning.mavlink1.0.hex

Firmware sources : Arducam_osd_src.zip

Update 16 August  2012, new version include :

  • Mavlink 1.0 support
  • Flying time (count when throttle is above 20%)


Compiled firmware : ArduCAM_OSD_.rssi.time.status.mavlink1.0.hex

Firmware sources : Arducam_osd_src.zip

Windows client sources : OSD_IDE.zip


Update 23 May 2012, new version include :

  • RSSI Display
  • T° display (maybe useless :) )
  • Climb rate
  • Armed / Disarmed status (with Flight Mode)
  • Speed in km/h
  • No more "Charset update"
  • Battery remaining (not tested)

"Charset update" was removed hardcoded, so to upload a new charset, you'll have to use the orginal firmware to do it and after you can use this firmware.

This new version need a new charset (MinimOSD_20.mcm) and the new client

Firmware : ArduCAM_OSD.rssi.amp.status.hex

Client : OSD_Config_RSSI_Status_Amp.exe

Charset : MinimOSD_20.mcm

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  • Developer

    Veery nice, Airmamaf!

    So, finally I'm getting a little better from the last surgery and I restarted to work on RSSI and MAVLink 1.0 support. I love to see what you've done. Officially, I need to follow APM progress on it in favor of people that don't compile the firmware by themselves. It means that we'll need native support from APM and MPlanner on providing RSSI reading and also on scaling RSSI percent, save the setup to the EEPROM, etc.

    I still didn't find infos enough about RSSI on my radio. What RC are you using? I'm now installing a ChainLink Dare on a FlySky Radio.

  • Thanks for your work on this mate. It will be a great help.

This reply was deleted.