Here is a DIY design & build of a small  (300 class, 9" props) compact foldable  quadcopter you can take in a backpack, weighing less than a kilogram (including a Drotek RTK GPS, CUAV V3 pro pixhawk autopilot , telemetry radio)

It can fly a good 30 minutes with a 3-axis Gopro type gimbal (subject of part2). The frame is foldable (with and without props attached).

It flies of course with Arducopter firmware V3.4.6.

For those inetrested , I had made a previous review of the CUAV V3 pro (Pixhack) autopilot :



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  • Very nice! Is this for personal use/fun or did you make it especially for some application?

  • Well done Hugues, your builds are always neat !

    Could you detail your motor / esc / battery config to get 30' ?

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