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We would like to present another new 3DRobotics - diydrones - distributor ... this time from a small EU country. We are trying hard to gather all the greatest brands from hobby UAV, FPV and hi-tech in one place at a competitive prices (yes ... we know ... prices are higher than in US and Asia ... but they all include VAT, which is subtracted for the customers outside EU). We are offering products from premium brands like Team BlackSheep, DJI, 3DRobotics, Hubsan, LawMate, KopterWorx, Revolectrix, ImmersionRC, Graupner, FatShark, GoPro, ... and we are adding new brands and products every week to our portfolio.

Welcome to our shop! We will be happy to see some constructive critics and opinions about our store. And even happier if you buy something :)

Special thanks to Trappy (for inspiration, tnns of information and for answering our annoying mails about stock availabilities and shipping times ;) ... and to all the members of diydrones community. We've really learned a lot from you.

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  • Robert,
    I just revisited the website using my ipad and everything looks perfect!
  • Robert,
    very nice site and ineteresting goods, but the site looks like total crap when viewed on the ipad. I had to turn my laptop on to be able to at least the prices and descriptions.
    Keep on going and Regards
  • Moderator
    Very Nice!
  • Thanks Mark. Maybe you should register as affiliate and link screen shot to your personal OneDrone.com affiliate account :D This could be even better for you :)

  • Moderator

    Congratulations!  I edited your post so the screen shot links to the actual site, instead of a picture of the site. :-)

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