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3689683802?profile=originalFor Americans, the number 76 has special significance, since the US Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776 and every hundred years we go crazy with a "Spirit of 76" celebration.  For the British, who were on the other side of that historic division, the date is less celebrated. As a dual US/UK citizen I'm a little conflicted about the history, but not when it comes to the number 76. It's a good one -- celebrate!

So I'm delighted to announce that DIY Drones has now hit 76,0000 members.  After slowing down a bit last year, traffic is now rising again, and is nearly at 50,000 page views per day. Thanks to all the members whose daily posts and forum discussion makes this site so vibrant. 

To celebrate, 3DR has created a special thank-you 20% discount for the DIY Drones community. Enter "DIYD20OFF" at checkout to apply the discount.  (It applies to everything except GoPro cameras and the new Enterprise SiteScan products.) One time use per user, and it expires on March 31st, so get in there now!

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  • Developer
    Not sure about NZ, but the number Justin quoted is the US$1000+ about 20% including GST + duty which is really good. How much is it in NZ?
  • Ahhh thats why It wont let me ship to NZ. Harvey Norman are the retailer here too, stupid price though, over double the 3DR price with discount. Can the 3DR store sell parts? ;)

  • Thanks for the info and the offer.

    Haggling at Hardly Normals is probably cheaper though. And I get to take it home straight away. 

    Might get some accessories through a mail forwarder otherwise using the code.


    Maybe with all the "free" time you have now you can write up a Book/blog titled the "Memoirs of the RC Heli"? ;-) That way you could point to it without having to re-write all the info etc and maybe offer specific advice which can be either paid for via donate etc, or via an affiliate program with hardware suppliers. 

    In fact thinking about it an affiliate program would be a good way to maintain a level of income for the developers in general. For example with Amazon it works by paying any website hosting an affiliate product link, a percentage of anything that the customer buys on Amazon after clicking the link. 3DR etc could even run their own affiliate programs to support the devs still, if they really wanted to.

  • @Philip, Yeah thats the Solo + Gimbal.

  • @Rob: I have always been partial to single rotors. Have you any advice which hardware/software to use for single rotor? 

    At this point, I recommend the Pixhawk for hardware, and then Arducopter is the only software that will fly a heli unless you buy a $$$$$ system.  If you're asking what frame... that's a big topic. ;)

  • Developer
    @Justin, Is that Solo + gimbal? If so, that's about spot on for US pricing + GST +duty.
  • @JB,

    Online Solo sales are only allowed to be shipped within their area. We are not allowed to sell them outside of Australia. We have them for $1749 with free freight. Thats about $50 below the RRP for Australia. Dont really want to do a go to my website type of post but if anyone on here in Australia is interested, just PM me and ill give you the website and a 10%off code.

  • Rob

    I too am keen to see what "out of the box" feels like. Gimbals can be a pain. I also like the controller.


    Sadly the Solo still comes in over the GST threshold so I'd be paying another 10% on top...

    But the main problem is that it doesn't calculate shipping to Australia at all. Whats the deal there? Doesn't 3DR ship to Australia anymore?

  • @Rob: I have always been partial to single rotors. Have you any advice which hardware/software to use for single rotor? 

  • Crap.  I just bought a DJI F450 yesterday for my first Quad.  I guess I have three weeks to think about a Solo or another Pixhawk/Gps set up.


    David R. Boulanger

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