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3689683802?profile=originalFor Americans, the number 76 has special significance, since the US Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776 and every hundred years we go crazy with a "Spirit of 76" celebration.  For the British, who were on the other side of that historic division, the date is less celebrated. As a dual US/UK citizen I'm a little conflicted about the history, but not when it comes to the number 76. It's a good one -- celebrate!

So I'm delighted to announce that DIY Drones has now hit 76,0000 members.  After slowing down a bit last year, traffic is now rising again, and is nearly at 50,000 page views per day. Thanks to all the members whose daily posts and forum discussion makes this site so vibrant. 

To celebrate, 3DR has created a special thank-you 20% discount for the DIY Drones community. Enter "DIYD20OFF" at checkout to apply the discount.  (It applies to everything except GoPro cameras and the new Enterprise SiteScan products.) One time use per user, and it expires on March 31st, so get in there now!

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    Aussie: We switched all of our real-time customer service to live chat (designed to be better because it gives you a transcript which you can use for follow-up). You get it by clicking on this link at any support page:


  • 3D Robotics

    Sorry about that! We've extended the code so it now expires at the end of the day PST

  • I also tried using the coupon, and the store also told me that the coupon has expired.

  • I also tried calling but an answering machine says that 3dr is no longer taking calls. Huh?

  • @chris Anderson. I have been out of the country and got back yesterday. I want to buy a solo and spare battery but the coupon shows as expired when I put it in today,31st March. Should it be good till the end of March or was yesterday the deadline?

  • They should say that they don't sell in europe! They lost my time by let me thinking they will solve their system error! rrr

  • Even non-Solo items shippable to non-North America cost too much, Shipping cost as more than the item price.

    No choice for shipping method. I paid 108 dollars shipping cost for 91.16 dollar of IRIS+ parts and 2 LiPo.

  • yes, there is no price advantage for european users.

    the ph4 remains the better candidate...

  • Hi,

    I am so disapointed by 3D robotics! I tried to order the solo and other accessories since the 15 th of march. I am in Belgium and I had the message:

    "We are unable to calculate shipping rates for the selected items."

    I contact them by e-mail. They first tried to sell me site scan then, Yazmin Ramirez from 3DR told me they "there is nothing we can do"! I still insisted and they told me they are triying to solve the system error, they ask me to send them print screen and so one. Tomorow the discount ends and of course the "system error" is not fixed....

    Let's go for an other brand as Dji! I don't have the system error in their website ;-)

  • Just ordered a new battery for my Solo - thanks!

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