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DIY Drones factory now supersized

Our San Diego factory is has just moved next door to space more than twice as large as our old factory, in an effort to keep up with the growth in demand. The above is a quickie tour of the new space, which the 3D Robotics (the company counterpart to the DIY Drones community) team just moved into over the weekend.  If you're in the San Diego area, drop Jordi a line and arrange for a tour. 
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  • Developer
    Sorry for the mess guys! I will upload a new one when everything is installed properly! All visitors are welcome!
  • When the factory is ready give us a video tour because we are far away:)
  • Congratulations guys! Its great to see this kind of growth. I live in San Diego, just a few minutes drive from your factory. Jordi, please sign me up for a tour.
  • @ Armando: you mean on the table in the warehouse? there's a sander and a Dremel, nothing fancy. We did set up a PCB cutter yesterday, though that didn't make it into the video.
  • Developer

    Good luck Jordi ;-)


  • Congratulation Guys


  • Sign me up for the tour! :D
  • look for a Paradox Alarm System, model: Digiplex, it is an advanced alarm with access control system capabilities (proximity or biometric), to secure the premises!!!!!!!
  • Jordi,


    whats that machine that you have after the production/ assembly area? is that a metal cutter?



  • Developer

    That's great!
    Congratulations to you Chris, Jordi and all the team!
    I'm pretty sure that you'll grow up even more and more.


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