Diy Drones News - Podcast #2 - HeliBoat Prototype

When I gain 14 more youtube subscribers youtube will allow me to use their Live Feed Feature.  When that happens i'm going to start posting 4-6 live stream youtube sessions a week.  The subjects of the Live Casts will include tutorials on how to use free CAD software to make blueprints/schematics for your drone projects.  The Live Sessions are going to be predetermined for the week and anyone who is interested is more then welcome to join the sessions and voice your opinions on a variety of subjects and also if your new to drones you will enjoy my Live Tutorials on Drones for beginners!    Live youtube sessions allow for Live Viewers to engage in live chat with me and other users while my Live Casts is in session.  It also saves all the conversation/chat to be read at a later time.  


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  • Its official!!! I can now do Live Events on youtube! :)  Be on the lookout for my next podcast and weekly event schedules.


  • 2 away! :)  I almost forgot to mention that I'm going to have some guests on the live casts and also I'm going to upload each podcast on iTunes.  

  • Only 3 away now! :)  I'll subscribe to your channel HeliStorm.  I'd love to see some live stream flight videos!

  • Five now. Keep up the good work Joshua!

    If anyone wants to help ME, you can subscribe to BuckeyeStorms on YT. I would love to livestream some flights sometime.
  • 8 now :)

  • 10 subscribers away! :)  I'm so excited to be able to start doing Live Youtube Casts!!! 

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