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DIY Drones now at 8,000 members!

Today we hit another milestone, with 8,000 members. Over the past year traffic on DIY Drones has grown more than 4x, from an average of 5,000 page views per day a year ago, to 22,000 today. We currently average 6,000 unique visitors per day. We are adding 1,000 members every 54 days (less than two months), or an average of 19 a day, a pace that is speeding up. Here are the comparable stats from Jan 5th, when we passed 7,000.

A few other stats: a little less than 10% of new members are spammers, who are usually caught and banned within minutes (the member total does not include banned spammers). 90% of people with hotmail.com email address turn out to be spammers!

Here's the geographic breakdown of traffic over the past year (just listing the top ten countries):

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  • Developer
    As i said a low pass filter will fit good in that chart.
  • Yeah.. great job Chris...
    As a newbe I always visit and hit many pages a day
  • Moderator
    Top job
  • Admin
    Almost time to break a bottle of champe.. @ 10K members. congrates.
  • 3D Robotics
    In a world of infinite distractions, focus is everything!
  • Congratulations! It's a surprising achievement considering how narrow of a topic DIY Drones covers - but maybe that's what makes it so strong! Here's hoping for 80,000 members ;)
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