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Okay, that didn't work quite the way we planned. The site redesign, which we did with Ning, has got some glitches and fugly stuff. I know. Stay tuned while we sort it out. Sorry. These things happen.


UPDATE: I think we've sorted most of the gremlins out now. I'm still not in love with some of the fonts, but at least it's functional and arguably better than what we had before now.

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  • any thoughts for mobile app?
  • 3D Robotics

    Scotty: I'm afraid that sort of browser detection would require me to get way into the code, which is something I don't want to/can't do (that's why we're on a hosted site, so I don't have to fiddle with any code that doesn't fly planes). But Ning will be offering a mobile-optimized site soon, which should autodetect phones. No idea what it will do with the flash player, however.


  • For those of us who read this regularly on an iPhone or similar, could you put something in that empty space where the flash pictures normally sit? If I could only remember my HTML days...
  • Im quite partial to the old colors as well, but then again I use dark themes on firefox

  • 3D Robotics

    Well, we're making some progress. We fixed those transparent backgrounds to the menus, and I've got the links back to underlined black. Now I need to tweak some fonts and some header graphics that aren't lining up properly.


    And I finally got rid of that awful picture on the front page and replaced it with featured photos!

  • I would agree that it is more difficult to read now with the blue titles. It would be cool if each member could customize there own colors.
  • Nice design... but for me its difficult to read, I think that the black leters and grey background was better to read.. sky-blue letters are not friendly, maybe a strong blue can be better ;)
  • I would like to report that it is WAAAAYYY better.

    In safari with the old site would take up to 45 seconds for my Quad core i7 3.06 to lanch all the flash and stuff.

    Now it's instant. don't know what you did but it loads much faster.  All my menus work....


  • I would also like to make note that the number of comments under some blog titles is not accurate. Some say 3 comments but don't have any...
  • This photo needs to go



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