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DIY Drones uBlox modules now available!

The awesome uBlox 5 GPS modules are now available in the DIY Drones store! From the product description: The powerful GPS is based on Ublox 5 chipset and the Saratel helical antenna to maintain sat lock from any angle. Includes uBlox adapter and comes pre-programmed for ArduPilot. Features * u-Blox 5H chipset * Sarantel omni-directional Geo-helix S-type active antenna * Real 4Hz Refresh rate * Fifty channels * Supports UBX, NMEA and USB&NMEA * High immunity to RF interference * Firmware upgradable * Includes 12" cable with EM406 connectors on both ends. The cost is $109.90, which is a bit cheaper than buying the module (if Sparkfun ever gets it back in stock) and the necessary adapter and cable separately, and these these come pre-programmed for ArduPilot, saving you a huge hassle involving making a custom connector for you FTDI cable and messing about with uBlox settings in their utility. It's designed to plug straight into the ArduPilot's GPS connecter--plug and play! When you switch to this GPS, remember to change the configuration file so ArduPilot knows! //1-7 #define GPS_PROTOCOL 2 // 0 = NMEA, 1=SIRF, 2=uBlox
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  • Does anyone have or know of the whereabouts of an interface/adapter mentioned by Chris,above, for the Ublox Lea-5h GPS?

    I have been looking to buy one, new or used, for a long while without any luck, hence this cry into the wild.


    Joe Homer
    Any information would be greatly
  • I've used hot glue on my board and it is tightly connected to ublox now. I am newbie at this....but I think I'm almost ready for a test flight....I get a solid LCK led just keeps blinking after I pull the jumper off..I've already changed the line in //1-7 easystar.h to

    #define GPS_PROTOCOL 2 //0 = NMEA, 1=SIRF, 2=uBlox,
    Do I need the "Choose protocol, uBlox only for PRO's please." portion in the code?

    Thanks in advance
  • Developer

    Hot glue is great and i have been in a very bad crashes using this... Also the problem is that you have to leave the connector perfectly placed or you may have false contact. Also if you use a lighter with blowtorch you can melt the hot glue after you apply it to give a nice a rounded shape (visually friendly) and you increase the strength of the glue tiny bit.
  • Admin

    Hot glue, huh! I was thinking of something more substantial that would survive the occasional crash.

    I was thinking of using thin double backed tape (servo tape?) and make a stepped mount where the uBlox would sit above Jordi's interface board. I planned to put an insulator between the top of Jordi's interface board and the bottom of the uBlox pwb to prevent electrical shorts.

  • 3D Robotics
    We just use hot glue.
  • Admin

    Received my uBlox/interface on Thrusday and had it working with one of my Ardupilots on Friday. Unlike the EM406A, I can get a lock inside the house and I have an aluminumized solar radiation barrier roof!

    The connector interface between the uBlox and the interface board is some what fragile. I have considered various ways to mount the uBlox and the interface together, but not wanting to reinvent the wheel, have either of you created a mount for the uBlox/interface yet?

  • Will do Chris. BTW, nice job on the podcast by you guys. A little rough around the edges but shows promise!
  • 3D Robotics
    You'll want to reset the Xbees for 38k
  • Jordi,
    Received mine yesterday :) It and the ArduPilot code (ublox selection) are set for 38400 baud while the 406 was set for 57600. Is there an easy way to reprogram the ublox/code for 56k or do I have to reset the telemetry (xbees) to run at 38k?
    - Great job and thanks for the fast shipping!
  • Hi Chris, is there an approximate time frame for when you might be getting a new batch of these modules?
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