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DIY Drones visits Willow Garage


Yesterday some of the DIY Drones team spent the afternoon at Willow garage.  Here Guillermo Romero (who is setting up the Tijuana operation of Udrones, a 3D Robotics partner, and Jordi Munoz with the Willow Garage PR2 that's been travelling the halls of the company for more than 100km (it plugs itself into a charger every two hours, which is what it's doing here).


What were we doing there? Well, mostly just geeking out with the engineers there, but there is an interesting project to link Arduino with the Willow Garage Robot Operating Systems (ROS), for swarm coordination. Or, as I hinted on Twitter:


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  • I have been incredibly impressed with willow garage since hearing about them. ROS and the ever growing amount of support for it makes my jaw drop every time I see it
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    Mark, Tim and I are just too busy for the podcast right now. But we're be happy to hand it off to someone else with the time and interest (and some talking/questioning ability) to take it over.
  • Oh and when are we getting another podcast?
  • I was there about a nine months ago.  That visit was a part of my inspiration to begin doing some robotic/drone work of my own.  There are truly some great toys there.  I wished I had had time to pick the brains of some of the people working there.  I was visiting my son Nathan who does there IT support.
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    Michael, yes, it's uDrones, as in microdrones. But they don't expect most people to get it, so it reads okay the other way, too. Just to clarify: they're a distribution/development partner, but not part of 3D Robotics LLC. Like FahPah in Thailand.
  • Congratulations on the new venture Chris, assume that

    Udrones above, specifically microdrones, as in µdrones, correct?

  • awesome as some one who is looking at using a quad copter to assist my land based robot, that's running ros, this will be very useful.
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