DIY hook to carry and release cargo underneath 'Copter

Hi all,

Apologies for the video in portrait, hope it is still visible.

True to the DIY element of this community, I've devised a small, cheap and simple way to attach items of any kind to my Quadcopter and via a servo to release it.

It's quite simple yet effective, using one servo and some pieces of metal and a screw to mount it underneath my hexa (custom frame built entirely from 3DRobotics parts).

You can see I have been doing a lot of bending to get the right angle etc. Now that's DIY! ;-)

Photos from three angles:



With one switch I can now release anything I'd like to transport around, e.g. Waterballoons, Cupcakes, Parachutes etc.

I had all the parts necessary already lying around and the build is really simple. I had to bend a lot of the small metal parts into the shapes I wanted them using simple pliers.

I had been racking my brain about such a thing for a long time, and today was the Eureka! moment.

Hope you like the idea!

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  • @Carl La France: Hi Carl, your comment made me chuckle. Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately for the wife I have not made any beautifications yet. I did actually go out and look for some translucent food containers but they were either too heavy or the wrong size. So I've parked that for the moment, but I will keep an eye open if I come across something usable. Thanks.

  • @Hugues: I had a spare channel and switch available so I used that directly, rather than trying to link it through the APM. So the signal cable from the servo is directly connected to the receiver. Note though that I did separate the power wires (+/-) from the signal cable. Connecting all three wires directly to the receiver can lead to brown-out of the receiver due to peak power demand. In stead, I connected the power wires only to the APM and plugged them into RC7 (anywhere between RC5 and RC8 should work).

  • Hi Stefan 78  I like your  release mechanisum did you get a chance to "Beautify your Hex for the wife?

    Have a Great day!

  • This might a good, cheap option

  • Hi Stefan,

    Nice work.

    I built a detachable payload carrier that uses basically the same approach of a servo based pin/latch mechanism for release. I'm really pleased with how it works. Here's a photo of the payload-er attached to HooperFly carrying tennis balls for the pooches:

    I'll try and take some closeup photos of the device and post them. I'm looking forward to see how your testing goes. Keep on creating.


  • It's a Hexa, not a Quad. I mix it up in the article as I only recently modified the frame to a Hexa.
  • MR60


    How did you program the Transmitter and/or APM to trigger the servo ? Did you modify the APM code for this or is it standard ?



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