This document describes the design, construction and operation of a portable ground station that
can be used to implement QGroundControl (QGC) on an IOS device. The cost of this ground
station, excluding the IOS device, is reasonable and construction is straight-forward.
This portable ground station consists of the following components
(1) 915 mHz SiK telemetry radio
(2) MAVBridge
(3) 3S LiPo battery
(4) 5 volt DC USB power module
(5) Power distribution board (PDB) with 5 volt DC output
(6) Digital voltage monitor
(7) IOS device (iPhone or iPad)
(8) 10 inch square wooden plaque
The telemetry radio provides communication with a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) carrying a
second telemetry radio. The MAVBridge provides communication between the ground station
telemetry radio and the QGroundStation software installed on the IOS device. The LiPo battery
provides five volt power by way of the PDB to the telemetry radio and MAVBridge. The USB
module can be used to recharge the IOS device. The LiPo voltage can be monitored using the
digital display.

More in the following PDF


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