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(We removed the Chat Feature until we can integrate it onto the site without causing Page Loading time delays and any user errors!  I'm going to work with Ning tomorrow afternoon on trying to fix the chat so that it doesn't affect any of our users.  If that doesn't work we can either wait 1-3 Months until Ning 3.0 is available to us or create an IRC)

We are trying to integrate a chat room feature without slowing down the page loading times on and we need your feedback and help.  

What we need from the community:

  1. Do you like or dislike the chat feature? (Please explain why)
  2. Does it slow down your page loading times and alter your overall user experience on DIYDrones?
  3. Is this something you would like to see be perminent on
  4. Do you have any suggestions on how to improve it?
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    I think being able to select a 'chat' environment, for realtime discussion, can be a big plus. If it can work for folks without negatively impacting upon their other forum experiences... I feel it's a great option. 

  • Also (no related to the chat), POST to incrementViewCount is very slow.
    And one of the slowest request is to fastbutton. Thankfully it's not slowbutton! ;-)

    These could be checked too.

  • Might actually be easier to just detect screen resolution. We have had issues accurately detecting all mobile devices and the resolution method ended up winning in the long run since almost everyone's width of their screen today is larger than the height or at the very least equal.

    if(window.innerWidth <= 800 && window.innerHeight <= 1280) {
    // do not load chat
    } else {
    //load chat

    The issue with the chat window is that when not in popout mode the list of active chat members redraws every time you navigate to a new page. This redraw is essentially pushing each member into the chat one at a time just like when they go online/offline individually. This bulk push into the window is where you experience a lockup.

    Seeing as how the script is actually being called by Ning from their site there isn't much that can be done to alter it unless we modify some of the code to be stored locally on DIYDrones. There are a few options we have to reduce the load, including not actually loading all users into the user list. Or what I would recommend is a rewrite of the initial load of chat users so that it is done in a single UI push instead of a loop of small pushes. Unfortunately the code is minified which makes the loading function difficult to modify.

    If you need to have a conversation with Ning and need someone to explain this to them let me know.

    I try to give my support on items I have experience with as this community has given me so much over the past year, always looking for way to give back.
  • One could always check for device type and not load the js if not a desktop browser.

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    Like many people here I browse with my Iphone and use a PC/ Laptop for more serious stuff or for posts.

    The chat screws up the Iphone and the tool bar still follows the cursur which is annoying!

    What also happened is that if I opened an email from a contact and then tried to reply I found I could compose the message BUT NOT SEND IT, This is not acceptable. the send button simply flashes briefly and then ... nothing.

    I for one am OK with this Chat service being stopped as I see many more negative reasons to stop it than positive reasons to keep it.

    Sorry Joshua, nothing personal, I know you tried hard to make it work well, good luck with getting it fixed.


  • Josh: Yes mobile seems to get dogged due to ajax/loading.

  • Thomas if you used the chat over the weekend most of the talk was just small talk but it was very active and most users found that they enjoyed being able to have a nice chat for a while about NASA, Space, Etc.  Also many newbies to the hobby said they found it useful because they could ask questions in their that they didn't know for sure what the correct terminologies are for certain things and said that they didn't want to post in forums asking such simple questions like correct terminology for things and said they found themselves more comfortable with asking simple questions in the chat.

  • Yeah, just wanted to add yesterday but was unable to. On mobile (Android, Dolphin) there was no way to switch the page of the comments or add a reply. The page was loading "forever".

    Good it's off, thanks :)

  • @Joshua Johnson, Since doesn't seem to work, I suggest using Rizon network

  • @Everyone,  I took the chat completely off of the site and will contact Ning by phone in morning to see if we can get the chat up and running smoothly for all users.

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