DIYdrones Store is Now Open!

Today is a great day! finally we had setup the little e-commerce and stocked it with a few products. Be advised! The page still have some little bugs!After making a payment, paypal will return you to the preview store page, don't worry about that, at that point you order has been sent.And the Store URL is................... this:http://store.diydrones.comHaa! I need to sleep now, was an unsigned long long day; Feel free of buy everything you need. ;-) More products coming soon!Good Night!
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  • Missed the call on this one! I got here just in time to get the last one!

    Looking forward to tinkering with it Jordi!

  • Admin
    Hi all,

    Jordi has really out done himself. I just received an email that my Ardupilot Shield order has just been shipped and I only placed the order this morning.

    Great service Jordi. Keep up the good work and I am sure that you will have many repeat customers including myself.

  • Cool, got the 2nd last one, and did not get redirected back, but I did get my order confirmation emailed to me.

    Will these ever go into the production level that the ardupilot board is at and become cheaper?


  • Jordi Muñoz
    my Order Number 1030 was placed this morning look at it if you will please sir :)
  • I'm also waiting for a version without pressure sensor, have some sensors laying around already on my workbench
  • Admin

    Are you sure that it wa $20+ for USPS flate-rate priority mail as I was only charged a little over $7 for USPS flate-rate priority mail for two modules which is about right from my experience with USPS priority mail?

    However, there is something strange going on because I went back to the store and put one module in the shopping cart and the USPS priority mail flate-rate charges were ~$11. Updating to two modules and the flat-rate shipping price went down to ~$7.

  • Developer
    All the prices are generated live from USPS and FEDEX servers. I just have to print the labels and stick them in the envelope! ;-)

    Yes all the payments go thought, thanks lot!! I'm working hard to solve the issue. My ecommerce solution says that is a paypal fault and paypal says is my ecommerce fault... Came on!
  • As mentioned in the other thread, will you offer a version without the pressure sensor?

  • it is strange about the shipping $20+ USPS priority mail here in the US but i need so i will bite
  • Fantastic.
    One strange thing I noticed is that postage for one Shield to Western Australia is $11.20 using USPS first class international but when ordering two postage drops to $3.94!?
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