This a long, long story but let's go to the point: We are now offering FedEx again and they offered us unbelievable "negotiated rates" compared with UPS. Thanks to Chris Anderson and Fred Smith! (And Paul the octopus!)

This what one our loyal development member said:
"Fedex is much more interesting for me here (Brazil). Awesome news!
I simulate here to see the difference on buying an ArduIMU V2 board:
FedEx International Priority $26.06
UPS Wordwide Expedited $54.93 (more than double)
Thank you for change it, man!"

Asian country's including Australia and Europe will be also affected (in a good way!). This will allow us to dramatically expand our boundaries and we are now more capable to compete in term of low prices!

Also domestic shipments will have a good discount, maybe no so noticeable but now you can even have Next-Day for just $15 in some areas ($9 for 2nd day), and we are considering using the new "FedEx Smart Post" that will costs around $4.95 to ship all over the country and is a combination of FedEX and USPS, is really cheap, you can fully track you package and takes from 2 to 8 days to arrive, check more here:

Also "FedEx Home Delivery" and "SmartPost" have free Saturday delivery!!! That's totally awesome for me. ;-)

This is one of the main reasons why UPS is doing this :

Other news:
-A new design for the store front is under development, just to look more "professional".
-We dropped PayPal Merchant solutions and now we are using a proper Gateway system to accept VISA,MasterCard, AMEX and Discover. (We still continue accepting normal PayPal payments). The difference is that I can capture after I prepare a shipment, so I can do last minute order changes without problems.
-We are now moving to a dedicated server cluster because we exceed our shared server by 5gb!! ;-)
-I bought QuickBooks and I don't know how to use it. LOL.

I been really busy on the store and I been unable to continue making posts and other development stuff (sorry!). We are not a garage company anymore. I'm looking to move into a big office with the proper utilities and hire more people to improve our services (maybe get a second pick and place machine). ;-)

If you want to know little details and changes on the store please fallow us on twitter:

Thank you guys for all your support!
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  • Developer

    There's no changes on USPS prices or services... Only with UPS and FedEx....
  • Jordi
    I may not understand completely but can I still get USPS delivery to Canada at a rate comparable to the current rate?
  • Developer

    Please don't freak out!! The only one is leaving is UPS, USPS will always stay forever!
  • yee, So fun pic. Please keep the USPS. I miss Paul...hehee
  • That's some good negotiating. Congratulations on all the upgrades! I too am struggling with quickbooks ;-)
  • Moderator
    @Earl... does that mean you have lice?

    I'm not sure what a Nit Picker is...
  • Moderator
    Yes, keep the USPS option!

    Here to Canada, USPS was alot cheaper than UPS, and I don't think FedEx can touch them.
  • Very good Jord !
    As long as you keep the USPS option.
    Low cost and fast in USA.
    PS I just got a Nit and Pick thinger !
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