Dji F550 Heavy Lift Conversion (F650)


Converted my huge ass octo (1m) into a more manageable hexa (650mm) It now fits in the car nicely!

Flies really well considering the smaller size.

Used bigger Turnigy G10 810kv motors, 60A turnigy Dlux ESCs and had motor mount extensions cut out of 3mm hollow core carbon fibre.

Running 2x 4S 6000mah. Flight time of around 12mins.

Gonna put my SLR on tomorrow :)


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  • Still have them.  Shoot me an email

  • Sorry for the late reply guys! Been EXCEPTIONALLY BUSY! Can do a set of 6 for $35 excluding shipping :)

    If you interested, drop me a mail at and I will get a shipping quote for you :)

    Sorry again for the late reply!!!

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  • Cre8it, do you still have them available?

  • HI I will take it.

  • How about a set of 6 for $42 shipped

  • By the way, Is it a set of four or six? Thanks. 

  • Cre8it,

    I already asked somebody to make me a set of four. But a spare set would hurt. Let me know if you can let them go for $35 shipped. Thanks.

  • I have a spare set of aerialmedia conversion plates that I'm not going to use.  They are new.  I'll let them go for $42 shipped

  • Hi Gareth,

    I have DJI F450 frame and i would like to use DT750 motors on them. I was searching for motor extension conversion and came across your post. 

    Is it possible for you to make me four carbon fiber extensions? I checked out the aerialmedia conversion but they are too expensive. Please let me know if you are interested. Thank you so much.



  • I know about aerialmedia pros extensions. Thats where I got the idea :)

    Im in africa, so it was easier to make my own than order from them. Besides, CF is lighter and stronger than Al.

    Also the new Naza manual says it doesnt work to nicely with frames bigger than 650mm. I initially tried the naza on my big octo and it did not fly well, but flies beautifully on the 650.


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