DJI INSPIRE 1 in Action

DJI's New Inspire 1 - Reviewed by Octofilms

H style frame

Be able to fold each side of the H frame around the body for an easier transportation mode

Larger than the DJI Phantom 2 and looks almost larger than the Flamewheel 550

Possible 4K camera

3 axis gimbal

Possible built in FPV monitor in the remote control of the quadcopter utilizing DJI’s high definition Lightbridge system

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  • Im not impressed with the image quality at all. It looks like a muddy cell phone recording. I would think that anyone willing to spend $3000 on one of these would want a better image than this.

  • Now Horizon has announce something with a similar camera setup but lower quality 

    then the Inspire 1. We will have drone flying everywhere in now time lol :-(

  •'s over 2.5Kg:(

  • Moderator

    I think they will fly off the shelves. (see what I did there)

  • Forgot to mention, about time someone took vertical airframe aprouch serious very happy about that.

     If done right it offers a lot more flight efficiency, model and electronic maintainability and user ergonomy wich is related to build and maintainance factor ofc. a lot about the ballance in design needed but resault can be amazing.

  • Juraj, I agree.  The SDK thing is a bit of a bombshell.  That will really shake things up.  It looks like it could fix what was DJI's biggest downside, which was that you could only use them for what they wanted you to use them for:  artistic aerial photography.  It was almost impossible to use DJI systems for technical purposes. Now, you will be able to.

    And the Inspire-1, even though is a solution looking for a problem, is overly complicated, and probably heavy, is a very sexy design, and the market is going to buy them like crazy!  I initially thought it was all overpriced at ~$3000.  But if you consider it's probably a good "just works" quadcopter, with a good camera, gimbal, HD downlink, controller, etc, that's a pretty attractive package!

  • Yeah i guessed it that it was for unobstructed camera view, but again in my humble opinion its added complexity just for retractable landing gear, thumbs up for using already weight costy motor arms as landing gear as well, however i dont see it beeing justified to add additional acutators, code for transitioning and mechanical parts just for that. looks neat thats for sure, maybe there is more to it that i dont see, either way it flys and does good video stuff so despite what i think its out there :)

    However i would expect a hell of a lot more from a well funded r&d guyz.

  • The Lightbridge HD downlink sounds impressive. I've heard it interferes anything else that uses 2.4Ghz though. Does anyone else have a HD downlink solution around the same $1,000 price point? 

  • I don't know why previous post about Inspire1 was pulled back. So I put it again here. Inspire1 is for sure nice piece of work, but I think more important for DJI and for the small UAV comunity is reveal of

  • beautiful technology,
    However, the next coffin nail for Multicopter scene

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