We are glad to announce that DJI Phantom 3 and Inspire 1 are now supported in UgCS desktop mission planning software. This works through our Android app UgCS for DJI available now on Google Play. The app connects to DJI Phantom 3 or Inspire 1 remote the same way DJI native app does. What is different is that, once your laptop and Android device are connected to the same network, your drone is automatically recognized in UgCS desktop mission planning software.

This enables you to use UgCS desktop mission planning functionality to its full extent on your Phantom 3 or Inspire 1.

This allows you to pre-plan automated missions from the comfort of your office without the need to even turn the vehicle on. Then, once you are out in the field, simply turn on the vehicle, upload the pre-made mission and fly. This saves you battery time and the hassle of setting everything up in the field.

UgCS works on Windows, Mac OS X and Ubuntu.

For more information and downloads visit www.ugcs.com

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  • Hi, Jesse! You are indeed right, our Ubuntu version is unfortunately older than 2.9 because of a few technical problems. We expect to change it with 2.9.1 update. We don`t usually do compatibility tests of newest version of Android with older versions of UgCS. Did you try and run it and it refused to run, saying that the version of UgCS is too old? If so, we may have an older version of our Android app that is compatible with newest version of UgCS running on Ubuntu. In case you are interested in this, e-mail me at kristaps.brass@ugcs.com and I`ll try and sort it out for you!

  • I realize this is a fairly old post but is it possible to use UgCS on Ubuntu with the Phantom 3? I am asking because the UgCS Android App I downloaded says it needs UgCS 2.9 but the most recent Ubuntu download seems to be 2.8 pre-update 1

  • Thats what I wanted to hear, thanks!!!

  • Dronin -

    1. Once the drone connects, you should be automatically taken to the drone's location on the map. And if you move away, double click the name of the drone to center the drone on your camera.

    2. The No-Fly-Zones around airports in UgCS are not cylindrical, they resemble a reverse cone, just like you described. The lower you are, the closer you are allowed to fly. If you lower the camera you will be able to see it better. Airport no-fly zones can be disabled in UgCS Pro.

    Also - if only a part of your route is in the NFZ, UgCS will automatically place waypoints so that your drone will fly around the NFZ.

    Best regards,

  • THe app looks awesome, I have downloaded and am reviewing all the functionality now. Two questions:

    1. Is there a way for the map to center on my computer's current location?  I havent connected my P3 drone yet, so I am guessing when I do the map will be able to center on the drone's GPS location? How would I do that?

    2. and this could be a deal breaker, but are we not allowed to fly at all in the restrcited zones? In the US its not a blanket no flying within 5 miles rule. Its actually only within 1 mile that no drones are allowed to take off. then the ceiling starts to go up (100 feet, 300 feet) as you get further away from the airport. 

    IDK if you seen DJI's purposed map, but it looks like no matter where you go you are close to some airport in the USA. 


  • Inspire 1 and Phantom 3 support was introduced only in UgCS 2.6.
    With DJI DataLink (900Mhz or 2.4GHz) UgCS supports A2, WKM, Naza-M v2, Phantom 2, Ace.

  • Justin, I'm sorry you're having this issue. A few things you could try:

    1. Are you running the newest version of the app?
    2. Try opening the app first before connecting the wire to your device

    If this does not help, e-mail us at support@ugcs.com and we will work to solve the issue you're having.

  • Your android app doesn't work on a nexus 6 running android 6. It just crasheswhen it trys to open.
  • It only worked with Wookong or Naza M using the older 2.4ghz or 900mhz telemetry radios. The Phantom 3 and Inspire use new flight controllers and also use a new mobile app GCS as well as a 5.8ghz Lightbridg-based system that combines RC and Telemetry. (You should grab a P3 and test drive one. You will not like how it flies but everything else is pretty remarkable).
  • Oh, I thought your software already worked with them?  What changed?

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