Interesting application of DJI Phantom quadcopter "drone" for roof and home inspection. When I stopped to talk, Anthony Hong gave quite the pitch.I sent him the link and called the office. They were watching it.


Off camera I asked if they had a FAA certificate or were flying under the radar.

"Under the radar," Hong said. Hmmm?

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    This is one market that is working well in the UK.

  • Fair enough. If he has it on his website then he is asking for attention. It should be easy to get certified and insured for this class of uav.
  • Thanks Marc, I thought about it. I looked at their website and saw they have videos of themselves at home improvement show discussing their use of drones. They include aerial footage of them flying inside the facility. Plus Anthony Hong doesn't seem shy about it. However, your point is well made. This posting in more visible forum may get him unwelcome FAA attention. However, his use case is compelling, highly beneficial, so I'd like to see him compliant with the emerging rules.

  • Why not let the guy go under the radar. This is hardly a high risk. Now that you posted it I am sure he is toast with the FAA.

  • I did one for my personal use - worked great and was able to show roofer where the problems were likely.

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