DJI's new entry level Naza, The M lite.

Test Flight Video

I don't know how many of you fly with DJI's naza, With me coming for just using the kk2.5 this was quite the the upgrade and was price pretty well! Next time I will of course buy the APM2.6 or maybe even the pixhawk. For now I'm using the M lite for aerial video.

ONBOARD Flight footage (RAW)

as you can see I still have some vibrations I need to work out.


Here are some of the futures that are great to take advantage of.

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  • Do you think Geofence could be added in the naza lite?

  • @Gray McCray, Sorry about that, I'll fix it.

    @Oz Sorry about that too... I meant 2.5


  • What is a KK2.6 flight control?  I have 6 KK2.0 and KK2.1 FC, but never herd of a KK2.6, TIA.

  • Hi Aaron,

    This is a very nice report on the capability of the Naza M-Lite.

    But, your links do not display as expected for me anyway, in fact all links go to the base Naza M Lite page.

    For instance your Failsafe link shows as:

    What it needs to be is:

    The same is true for all the links I think, I am using the Chrome web browser.

    Best Regards,


  • You can not set the 'throttle failsafe' if you want the naza to go into a failsafe mode when you loose communication. You need to set the failsafe channel of your transmitter to input channel U of the naza. Not the throttle. If you do that and you loose radio com the naza will auto level and get blown away. The thing is that you need to test this out before you fly. Hook up to naza assistant and turn your radio off... You should see it go into failsafe on your computer. Do not set up your throttle failsafe or it will fly away when you loose radio communication. Most people fly where there's all kinds of interference now with these things so loosing com is more prevelant.
  • I saw switching to manual does not saved the copter so many times. 

  • Yep.  You have to configure both the receiver and the flight controler to respond how you want it to.

  • Disabling the throttle fail safe to prevent fly-away on a GPS malfunction that occurs during a throttle fail safe incident is not the solution to anything.  You're disabling a fail safe that is there for a much more important reason.  That is a scenario that would require two simultaneous failures: the GPS and the TX/RX.  Where the much more likely scenario is a single failure of one or the other, which is recoverable by way of the other.  Disabling the fail safe in case of a very unlikely dual failure doesn't make sense when it is there to protect against a far more likely single scenario.

    Yes, if you have a simultaneous GPS failure and TX/RX failure, you are in trouble.  There is no way to programatically avoid that within reason. Using the GCS as a third level of control can help you recover from that kind of incident.  Switch to Stab mode with the GCS and use the software flight controls to bring it home.

    Maybe a future release could incorporate discontinuing GPS guided modes if the HDOP is out of whack, or if it "doesn't make sense".  For example, if the distance to next WP or distance to home is something unreasonable, disallow GPS guided flight and produce an error.

  • Flyaways can be stopped by switching momentarily to Manual Mode.  This does not rely on the compass or GPS.

  • I'm not too familiar with the Naza operation.  Is there no mode you can quickly switch to that doesn't rely on the GPS?  For Arducopter, could you not just take it out of a GPS guided mode and hand fly it to stop a fly-away?  I would think that as long as you're not in super simple, auto, or loiter modes, it shouldn't really care what the GPS thinks.

    The only exception I guess being the failsafes and geofence.  The popular settings for those use RTL or LAND.  A GPS error or losing could trigger the failsafe, which would self-propogate a fly away.  One should be able to override that by changing modes, presuming the failure isn't a loss of controller contact....

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