Today I had notification that there will be some new features coming in a firmware update for the DJI Wookong WKM, the latest V5.10 will be out in the next few weeks and sees some interesting additions, email from DJI:

Details of WKM new firmware 5.10

What’s changed?

  • Enhance wind-resistance when hovering.
  • Increase gimbal servo output response time and angle.
  • Gimbal pitch stability while X3 is for stick monitor or switch go-home.


What’s new?

  • PPM Receiver Supported.
  • Multi Gimbal Servo Output Frequency Supported.
  • Add Point Of Interest (POI) Function in IOC.
  • Add Intelligent Go-Home and Altitude Go-Home Functions in Fail-Safe mode.
  • Go home switch and user define go to home altitude.

It looks like the DJI team have addressed the slow gimbal reponse which was ok for stills photography but left the video users a little behind the pace, I hope that this will see the gibals now "snap" into action!

I'm not sure how they have improved the "wind-resistance" it was spot on every flight I have made, so we will have to wait and see what the WKM users think!

The biggest news here is the RTL at the flick of a switch with definded altitude, no more concerns about trees etc on the RTL, no more switching off that transmitter to "spoof" it to come home..... now who would do that :)

The new DJI OSD will be released in the near future which will allow the use of the Wookong M in First Person Flight mode!



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  • I would like to thank the great dedication and professionalism of Martin 

    on several occasions I have bought from him in the last 2 kits for telemetry WKM 

    proved to be very fast in shipping and responds quickly to email 

    thanks Martin

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    Hello Hemanthguru,


    1) No date set in stone at the moment, from the release of the info I posted it's about a week or two before the firmware is ready


    2) With the Data Radios you do a lot from the key board, there are ways to fly it from point to point without touching the RC system, I have not yet tried the "joystick" option as I have always flown with the RC system, however seeing how the keyboard works I see no reason for the joystick not to work either it replaces the RC controller for flight.

    3) I have not flown the Zero, but have taken the WKM high up and it works just as good at 10, 100 and so on feet in the air, I have a client that is not based in the UK that takes the copter upto 500 meters + it always comes back in one part....... and that is with the full auto flights, you cant see them after 250-300 meters up... so I have been told :)





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    Hi Greg,

    There is no licensing on the way points for the WKM so when they do come back to you they will tell you the same, you can fly as far as your batteries will allow :). I would say you have said what I have every time someone looks to place the APM 1 or 2 alongside the WKM, there is no point even looking to do this, the APM is hobby the DJI WKM is "Pro" I have also said before I hope the APM 2 can be as good as the WKM, but at this time it's not close to being so.... The Auto Quad looks like it could be APM's biggest rival at the moment..


  • I am not sure about the waypoint pricing either.  I was going to look at the WKM until I started to find it was going to cost around $1000 on top to the basic stabilization system for 5 way points with limits.  Larger way point packages depending on the number and whether you use it for commercial purposes seem to be costing several thousands of dollars.  I will stick with the open source APM2.  DJI seem to be aiming for the commercial not hobbyist / DIY market based on the costs of their system for multi-waypoint operations.  Also the final decision point for me was writing to DJI to clarify the waypoint licensing scheme and getting no response to my emails.  I think Microkopter also charge for their waypoint system as well.  Makes you appreciate the work being done here on APM :-)

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    Martin, I would have to disagree about WKM being the cheaper option. The basic YS-X6 kit is about $1000 and includes WiFi telemetry with ground-station software (PC, iPhone/Pad, Android) as standard in the basic package. There is also 4 way-points (200 meter limit), and limited "trial" versions of click-and-go, look-at and follow-me functions included. Long range radio is $200 and unlimited feature upgrade with 16 way-points (but has a weird 500m radius limit) is $500.

  • martint need to know few things

    1: When may the software coming out for upgrade

    2: If get a data radio made by dji ; will even get the click and go ; flight control with keyboard and joystick

    3: Which one better for high altitude AP Dji wookong or zero UAV

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    I don't think it matters how or why John, however I think you could b on to something there! :) The great news is there is more for your money now :) They also added another 30 waypoint to the WKM a while back, so there is 50 way points on the top "package" or the "upgrade". I have not looked at the Zero to much, a number of my customers have said about them, Crasher added to the number now, the Zero seems to be a good flight controller but when you look at the two full systems side by side the WKM seems to be still out in front on the features to price ratio, I guess this could be a Betamax v's VHS in the longer term, if they end up with the same features it with be the people voting with their feet that will decide which one is the better, I will take a look at the Zero some day, I'm sure both will have there followings just like Nikon and Cannon cameras do.... till then let's hope the price point is going the right way....... Down and the number of features go up :)



  • I looked into Zero UAV a little bit as I'd heard they were cheaper but the version without waypoint limitations on distance seemed a lot more than DJI. Maybe I was looking at the wrong unit. Their website is terrible.
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    They now also include a "free" way-point with the radio link and software update.

    Funny what a little competition from ZeroUAV YS-X6 will do for motivation. :)

  • I know! I bought just before the price drop. TBH i think i paid over the odds for it at the time, should have shopped around a bit first....
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